Hiking in the Sooke hills and Sooke Potholes

Well it has been several months now of hiking in the Sooke hills and it’s time I finally got some blog posts out about it. We started hiking my buddy and I about may of 2009 with the initial idea of doing some lightweight camping in 2010. This post is back dated as several others will be to match the dats of the pictures to follow.

We initially decided it would be best to work up to being able to carry a 20 kilo backpack each with all the camping implements we would need for a few days in the bush. So a small plan came together about doing some simple day hikes into the Sooke hill mostly in the area of the Sooke Potholes.

Shown in these pictures below is how the potholes look in the springtime. If you’re planning to start a training regime to prepare for some lightweight camping I would recommend the Sooke hills as an area to do most of your preparations for camping.

Since this was our first hike out all we brought with us was some water and some snacks since we weren’t’ intending on going far. I think we managed about 2-3k on this first hike.

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Moving forward..
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