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In today's world maintaining a healthy website can be challenging. JohnOverall.com helps make that an easy task with quality Emergency WordPress Support and WordPress website maintenance that takes the stress off you for keeping your site up-to-date and secure. JohnOverall.com also offers Quality WordPress Web Hosting that is fast and secure.

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What my clients have to say about me.

Who do you call when you need a bad bot buster?
Your site is down and you can’t find the fix?
I called John Overall, and within 24 hours he found the issue, got rid of the bad stuff, and we were back online. He gave our bad situation a happy ending by keeping us in the picture, explaining what he did, making recommendations and being a total pro, and calm and confident. John is a great go-to guy so bookmark his site for that day I know he will give you the great service he gave us.

Tina Cook, Media Marketing Strategist and Web Designer, http://tina.media

Best regards,

Tina Cook

Media Marketing Strategist and Web Designer


Tina Cook
Tina CookMedia Marketing Strategist and Web Designertina.media

John has worked with me for about three years now, helping me to upgrade my website and keep it relevant, secure and appealing, whilst also optimizing its place on search engines.  John responds to emails in a timely manner, and my experience has been that the work is also completed in a timely manner. John recently updated my site and I am very pleased with the result.  He is knowledgeable, efficient and has really helped to make my site more attractive, while also ensuring that it is secure. He  understood the message I was aiming to share and designed the site around that.  Best of all, John explains what needs to be done in a way that I can fully understand, so that I know what he is doing to my site and why. There were a few alterations that needed to be made after the work was completed, and they were made quickly, exactly as I requested.

It has consistently been an efficient and timely experience every time I have worked with John and his team. I would definitely recommend working with John and his team

Anna Bowness-Park
Anna Bowness-Parkowner Anna BownessPark.caAnna BownessPark.ca

John was great to work with.  When I had a WordPress emergency on a Sunday night he was the only person that answered his phone.  He was then able to fix my problems that night and saved me lots heartache.  He also made some helpful suggestions to help improve my site.  He is going to be my Go To WordPress man from now on!  Thanks John!  God Bless, Charlie Mather

Charlie Mather
Charlie Mather PhotoographerCharlieMatherPhotography.com

Thanks John so much for your professional work on my website. You are a WordPress magician in my opinion! You were immediately very confident and clear on your approach to fix issues on my website. Your direct communications were extremely appreciated and clear to me. Then you immediately took action and fixed my website in a very timely manner. Wow, that took much stress off me and is exactly what I needed. In about 3 hours you fixed what my local so called “developers” could not fix in 7 days time!

You are my “go to” WordPress expert now for certain & I'll have other future things for you! I'll pass along to anyone what a great service you provide & your clear expert knowledge & mention you on a future Law Abiding Biker Podcast Episode. Also, keep up the great work on the WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast!

Best Regards,
Ryan Urlacher, CEO Law Abiding Biker, Podcast & Media

Ryan Urlacher
Ryan UrlacherCEO Law Abiding Biker Podcast & MediaLaw Abiding Biker
John knows his stuff, he has been able to quickly and easily get things done for our Word Press site that we just don't know how to do. Everything he has done, is top notch!
I would recommend him to anyone needing help with a Word Press site.
Tami Santini
Tami SantiniOwner/ Lead Travel Agent at Paradise Getaways LLC Paradise Getaways

I hired John to carry out some major changes to my WordPress site. I was pleased with the way he carried out the work and the quality of the finished product. John is a wealth of knowledge and experience with all things WordPress. I eagerly picked his brain on that front, and he generously responded. He's passionate about his craft and it shows… a nice guy to work with.

Ben Ziegler
Ben ZieglerWorkplace Conflict Management & Fairness: Coach | Mediator | Systems ConsultantCollaborativeJourneys.com