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[dropdown_box expand_text=”How much should a good web site cost??”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
Today a web site is more than just a bunch of gimmicks designed to amuse the computer geek, it is part of an overall marketing campaign for many businesses. Therefore like your advertising you need it to reflect your company's image properly. A quality web site will start at about $1800 and go up. This may sound expensive but remember perception is reality on the internet and your competition is only a click away. You can get a site done for as little as $150, but if a high-quality presence is important to you or your business, the few extra dollars will pay off.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”Why is the cost so high?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
It has been said that you can have two of three things when having design work done,these things are fast service, high quality service or inexpensive (cheap) service. Now you can have your work done fast and cheap, but quality may suffer. You can have high quality and inexpensive but it will take time or you can have fast and quality but it will cost. The reason is that one of the three has to give to make room for the other two. If you are like most people you want a quality job done in a relatively short amount of time this necessitates more time dedicated to your project therefore a higher cost. The price for any particular design comes from many facets. What the project is, the timeline for completion of the project, and the quality of service. “Read my article on Tips for Working with or Hiring a Web Designer” for more information on hiring a quality designer.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”When having a web site designed how should I do it?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
Should it be in flash, no flash, plain html, php or what?
The difference would depend on the audience that you are trying to reach. If you are trying to reach the high speed community then you design in flash, for most customers a combination of all is often used.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”What is the difference between HTML, SSL, PHP4, DhMTL?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard language that most web pages are written in. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used for secure transmission of data on the internet for items such as credit card numbers. PHP is a powerful, free, server-side programming language that can be embedded right in your HTML documents. PHP scripting allows you to create everything from “Hello World” pop-ups to database-driven search engines. DhMTL (Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language) helps breathe life into your web site.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”Do I need SSL?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
Yes, if you plan on running an online e-commerce store. SSL will provide the security your customers need to feel comfortable about purchasing products or services from your website. Smart Bomb Hosting offers free shared SSL to our clients. This can mean a savings of up to $150 per year.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”What is a search engine and how do I get my site rated high on it?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
A search engine is a massive directory on the web of the millions of web sites available the best known is Google. Getting your site listed in the top ten is time consuming and tricky. Smart Bomb web technicians have experience in helping our clients get a high listing for their domain name.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”What is a domain name?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
A domain name is the standard way that people can find you on the web. An example would be smartbomb.ca this is our domain name and most likely how you found us.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”How do I get a domain name?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
Smart Bomb Web Hosting can help you register your domain name first by helping you determine the best name for your company and a list of alternatives in case the first choices are taken, then we can do the registration for you.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”Do I need a domain name?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
Yes, if you plan on having a web presence a domain name is a must have.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”Why do I need a web presence?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
Having a web presence can enhance your business sales and raise the awareness of your company. A web site is also an excellent extension of your total marketing program. Many of our clients use their web site to enhance their overall advertising program. [/dropdown_box]

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A web presence can increase sales and allow you to compete in the global market. It is also excellent for promoting your business to your local clientele.[/dropdown_box]

[dropdown_box expand_text=”What is the best way to perform a search on the web?”  show_more=”” show_less=”” start=”hide”]
The best way to perform a search is to use one of the popular search engines such as Google or Excite. See our page on search engine tips to make it easy.[/dropdown_box]