Spam-ConGame-Phising-Email Don’t Fall For It!!

So you have seMy soda no spam hereen an email something like the one below. Well I can say with almost 100% certainty that is is all a scam. Why well I use numerous emails for various thing and I also have what are call spam trap emails. Whenever something like this goes around I see it appear in all my email accounts including the spamtrap ones. I have seen this several times today, so don't fall for it it is all a scam.

—This is a Scam Email Below—

Hello, We are looking for a payment officer in your area.
Your job duties will be to:
Process payments from our clients and send weekly reports on status of
payments of transactions.

This is in view of our not having a branch office presently in Canada,
also becouse of paypal and ebay policies wich is prohibit to work directly
with residents of some countries.

You do not need to have an office and you will have a free time doing your
permanent job, you will also secure a good income during the process.
You need to have at least one bank account in Canada.
availability of 2 – 3 hours of spare time per day and internet access or mobile phone for communication.

If you are interested in this vacancy message us to: Dick@spammer-congame-website

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