WP Plugins A to Z Interview Show 11 with Nikola Bojkov from Embed Social


Nikola Bojkov Embed Social a plugin for connecting several social networks into WordPress.

This is a service that allows you to embed images from your Facebook into your WordPress website. It comes in a couple tastes free and pro version. The plugin is focused around embedding images from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This allows you to share those images easier with less grief, by using this service you can upload to your Facebook and get all their stats and not have to re-upload them to your website.

This was created while working to solve and problem in a site they were working that was requiring them to upload to multiples places.

The advantage of this service is that once it its installed you do not have to worry about the changes in Facebook rendering it useless, since it is a third party service they maintain all the connections at their end the plugin is simply the API connection.

Thanks to Nikola Bojkov for appearing you can check out their plugin and service at:







Their plugin available here:


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My specialty is helping people help themselves. I get their WordPress website up and running after a catastrophe such as being hacked or a plugin malfunction. My focus is on fixing the problem rather than scrapping the site and rebuilding it from the bottom up. Although this may be tempting to do, the costs associated with this are much more than you may think. The loss of time spent on the site, posts, data and images that may have been forgotten or no longer accessible. With a bit of time I can get your site cleaned up, functioning, and re-establish its presence on the web.


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