10 Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure


10 Tips for Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

http://www.searchenginejournal.com/10-tips-keeping-wordpress-site-secure/132421/It seems like almost every week we see a new post by Matt Southern on a new WordPress site vulnerability or exploit. This is for good reason as WordPress accounts for over 23% of all of the websites on the internet, and that number is steadily growing.

Due to how many websites use the WordPress platform, it’s no wonder why hackers try to exploit this web platform constantly as they can potentially have access to a wide chunk of the internet if they succeed.

Like many WordPress site owners, I fell into the trap of not being more proactive about security on a few of my gently used personal sites. This came back to bite me with a vengeance this last December when I experienced the worst Christmas present any webmaster can receive – a big fat website hack!

The malware hack I experienced was especially nasty as it most likely exploited one of my websites through an older version of the Revolution Slider plugin that came with my theme. What I didn’t realize until months later was that this initial hack opened the backdoor to a widespread infection of other WordPress sites I had on my shared hosting solution. A four-month long nightmare then ensued which even resulted in me having to completely remake one of my websites on a completely new WordPress build and database. Read the Rest of the Article Here….

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