10 Ways To Convey Passion In Your Articles

By Steve Shaw

When you’re writing articles for Article Marketing, it is not enough just to convey facts in your article–to make a good article great you need to inject some passion into it. If you can convey passion in your articles, your articles will make a deeper impact on your readers.

Are you a passionate champion of your field?

If so, how do you convey that in your articles?

We each have our own writing styles and personalities, so not all of us will convey passion in the same way, but if you’re looking for some pointers on writing articles that touch people’s hearts and minds, give these ideas a try:

  1. Think of yourself as a teacher. In my opinion, this is the key to a successful article and writing with passion. With article marketing we are submitting educational articles, which means that we should be teaching our readers something new with every article.
  2. Empathize with your readers. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes–do your remember what it felt like when you were just starting out in your field? You are an expert in this topic now, but at one time you were a beginner. Remember how that felt and the emotions associated with feeling a bit out of your depth. Acknowledge those emotions in your articles, and you will make a deeper connection with your readers and convey your intense desire to help them.
  3. Encourage your readers. Your job is to help others who are interested in your field to make that journey from newbie to a person of more advanced knowledge. People need encouragement to go from Step 1 to Step 2. In your articles, encourage your readers. Tell them what they have to look forward to. Assure them that they can learn the things that you are trying to teach them.
  4. Share information that can change people’s lives. If you are passionate about your topic, then no matter what your niche is you do believe that learning about your topic has the potential to change people’s lives. Every article that you write should be a bountiful offering of insightful information geared to teach your reader something about your topic.
  5. Always be on the lookout for new ways of thinking about your topic. The best teachers never stop being students.
  6. Write on a level that beginners can understand. Simple is better–your job as the teacher is to break a more complicated topic down into bite size pieces that are easily consumable by your readers.
  7. Focus on answering questions. Choose article topics centered around answering frequently asked questions in your niche. Listen to your customers’ questions and look for topics that need further explaining. If a couple people are asking about an issue, then most likely there are many others who are also wondering the same thing.
  8. Write for one person. Make your readers feel like your article was written just for them. Be very specific on your article topics–what specific lesson are you teaching?
  9. Write in a conversational style. What if you were sitting across the table from your reader–how would you explain your topic to them in every day language?
  10. Experiment! Explore, ask questions, think of new approaches to your field. Just because you’re an expert doesn’t mean you’re done learning about your niche. Constantly work to expand your knowledge of your topic and approach it from different angles. People who are passionate about their fields are leaders and trailblazers.

Are you writing as passionately as you could be? Pick a few of these tips and apply them to your next article. Writing with passion is a skill that takes time to learn, and you will improve with the more articles that you write.

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