Learn how to Use & Manage your WordPress Website

We all have important information and insights that we want to share with clients and perspective clients in the most efficient and cost effective way.  There are several ways to convey this information and blogging is one of them.  Have you been looking for the most flexible content management and blogging system on the Internet? Then you are looking for WordPress; a state-of-the-art web publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.  WordPress is also the best open source blogging software available today!

Not sure how this will benefit you and your business, send me an email and I will show you how this can greatly benefit you!
Now that you’ve decided you want your own WordPress install, do you know where to begin? Installing WordPress and setting the right configuration and plug-ins can be a daunting task.

You have a new option for learning how to manage your WordPress install.  John Overall, of Fire Dragon Hosting/smart bomb enterprises, is instructing introductory and advanced WordPress courses at Shoreline Community School. Over the course of two evenings, these courses will instruct you on the basics of WordPress and will walk you through getting it setup properly and understanding the administration area of your WordPress install.

Get started now and register online at http://www.bookking.ca/bkshorelinepub/courses/index.asp
The dates and codes for the courses are as follows:
Word Press Blog Building – Intro
April 19 and 21 (6:30-9:00 pm) Course code: CO-317-1
May 18 and 20 (6:30-9:00 pm) Course code: CO-317-2
June 14 and 16 (6:30-9:00 pm) Course code: CO-317-3
May 25 and 27 (6:30-9:00 pm) Course code: CO-318-1
June 21 and 23 (6:30-9:00 pm) Course code: CO-318-2
To contact John directly for more information on how he and Fire Dragon Hosting can help you, please email John at dragon@smartbomb.ca or call him directly at 250-885-2888 between 8am and 8pm PST
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