3 Steps to Create a Blog Web Site Using WordPress

Author: Sean.Ray

WordPress is the most popular Blog platform in the world. It's open source and a lot of people contribute to it from both application development or theme development perspective. And the most important one to us is that it's totally free.

Want to own a WordPress, it's not too hard, below are the 3 steps you can follow.

1. Find a Reliable Web Hosting for Blog

Blog is a special type of web site. You will need to have a place which can connect to internet to host it. There are a lot of blog hosting service provider. But just like another web site, a reliable web hosting package is crutial to all. But you have no need to get a VPS or dedicated web hosting sulution when you just start blogging. You can choose a shared web hosting solution which only cost you $3 to $7. This is good enough before you attract more than 10 thousand visit per day.

2. Install WordPress

Installing a WordPress application is not hard. Right now, WordPress is so popular that the most of the web hosting service provider will pre-install it their web hosting environment. What you need to do is just by doing some simple click and get it setup.

But if your web hosting package hasn't pre-installed the WordPress scripts for you, you can go to www.wordpress.org, download the installation scripts, and upload them to your web hosting directory. WordPress configuration can be done via Web. So you need to type in the URL in the Browser where you upload WordPress script to, and system will automatically guide you through how to create the Blog.

3. Choose an Appropriate Theme for Your Blog

Theme is used to decide the outlook of your Blog, everyone want to get an attractive theme for their Blog. If you are technical enough (some CSS and php knowledge), you can create your own theme. Or you can download the theme the other open source contributors have built. A more realitics way is that you can download a free theme and make some adjustment to theme to make it work better to you. Want to download a theme, you can go to http://wptemplates.org/ to find a list of great and free WordPress template.


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