3 Steps to Start Your Wedding Website

By: Jerry Leung

A wedding website can help you to share all the moments and emotions when you are planning your wedding. You can also remind your guests the date and time of your wedding. You can even put a map in the website so that your guests can go to the venue easily. In the past, unless you had a lot of knowledge on HTML and programming, it will not be possible for you to make your own website. You needed professionals in the web designing industry to help you to develop the wedding website.

Thanks to the advance in internet technology and open source softwares, you can now develop your own wedding website yourself without any difficulty. Nearly no knowledge in HTML and programming will be needed. The user interface for setting up the site is extremely user friendly that my grandma in her eighties can also master the website. Although it is relatively easy to make a wedding website, you may still follow some steps to make it come true.

1 Register a domain and get it hosted

The very first thing you need to do is to register the domain name of your site. You can search for the availability of a domain name and register even from Yahoo! The only thing you need to decide is to think of options of domain names that you like.

In fact many hosting companies can register the domain name for you. In this case you will not need to register it separately from the domain registrar. Since you will need to host your site anyway, it does you no harm to have the hosting company to register the domain name for you.

When we talk about the hosting issue, hosting companies usually offer different hosting plans. The price can range from USD5 to a few hundred a month (this price is usually for a dedicated server). For a normal wedding website, a hosting plan with 2G of disk space and 20G of traffic will be more than enough.

2 Select the software

The second step in developing your wedding website is to select the software you are going to use. Many hosting companies provide user friendly interface to install these softwares. You can ask if they provide such services beforehand. If you have the programming skills to make a website, you may not need any of these softwares. If this is the case, however, I will suppose that you have already skipped this article!

One of the most convenient software for a wedding website is indeed a blog. Most people are accustomed to read blogs and it is not surprised for a couple to have a wedding blog. WordPress will be one of the choices if you go for the option of wedding blog. What is good about WordPress is that it is easy to use and you can have plenty of options on design templates.

Besides, you can also make use of some content management systems (CMS) for your wedding website. Mambo and PhpNuke will be good options for a CMS. Unlike a blog, the structure of a content management system is normally more sophisticated. You can have more options to organize your messages to your friends and relatives.

3 Maintain your wedding site

Webmasters will agree that maintaining a website is not an easy task. This is also true for a wedding website. You need to firstly take some time to familiarize yourself with the software you choose. Then you can start write your messages and upload the contents to the website.

Certainly you will upload some photos to your website. You should bear in mind that although the internet connection is quite fast nowadays, you should not upload photos which are too large in file sizes. For a normal jpg image, a file size of 100k will be good enough. However, you have to remind both yourself and the users of your website that these photos are meant to be used on the internet and their resolutions are not high enough for printing since the resolution needed for displaying on a monitor is only 72 dpi.

With these three steps, you should be able to set up your own wedding website without any difficulty. So please do not wait and act now to start your own wedding website today.

Author Resource:-> Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer with great interest in Chinese Style Wedding cards. His works are in 983 Wedding Invitation. He runs A Wedding Blog and shares Wedding Tips

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