3 Tips To Choosing The Best WordPress Host

Author: Charlie Cory

For those who don't know, WordPress is a blogging platform. I allows you to create your own blogs, and put your own information up on the web using a WordPress host.

There are two types of WordPress blog though. One is a free blog that you can host at WordPress.com. This is great if you just want to share some information with friends and family. However it is limiting in many respects.

If you are serious about communicating with a blog, then you will want to create your own blog on your on domain. To do this, you will need the software (which is free too) and a WordPress host. Here are three tips to choosing your WordPress host.

1. Installing WordPress is easy, especially if you have chosen your WordPress host wisely. A good host will allow you access to something called Fantastico via your control panel, or cpanel. Fantastico allows you to easily install software that might otherwise be problematical to install. If your host does not offer you either of these things, then stay clear of them.

2. A standard WordPress installation will take up around 5-6 Mb of disk space. That does not seem a great deal in this day and age, and if a host does not even offer you this much disk space then you are seriously wasting your time.

However, you will need a bit more than that.

If you are going to host images for example, or video or even music files, then you will probably need a lot more. As you get to know WordPress you will discover ways to improve and enhance it, as well as write lots of great content. Either way, you should be looking at a minimum of 100Mb to allow you room for manoeuvre.

3. If your blog becomes busy and people start visiting, your bandwidth will start creeping up. Hosts work on the basis of a monthly allowance of bandwidth, and you shouldn't be having any problems to start with. Email, video and audio are also bandwidth hogs. I work on the basis of 10 times the disk space for a bandwidth allowance. Any less than that and you could be in trouble and finding your blog shut down for periods waiting for your new month's allowance.

To summarise, make sure that you have adequate coverage from day 1 and you will have a long and successful career as a blog owner with your WordPress host.

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