5 Popular Joomla Extensions

Author: Ryan Hudson

With Joomla emerging as one of the most popular CMS being used today, you can find yourself stuck in dilemma–which extension of Joomla to use for your website. Using Joomla core software program can have enormous benefits and considerable effort has been put in developing those Joomla components, templates, modules, plugins, extensions etc., which can affect your website positively in multiple ways.

There are a number of Joomla extensions available to choose from. However, I’ve tried to compile 5 popular Joomla extensions here.

1) Community Builder

Community Builder is quite a popular tool that enhances Joomla user management system and makes your website social facilitating users to interact on the same. This extension enables you to integrate additional files in profile, user lists, extended registration workflows, uploading of images, establish connection path between users, integration with components such as Forums, Galleries, Newsletters etc.

It allows the existing key users to become moderators and exercise powers such as banning/unbanning of profiles, new membership approvals, report handling etc. Community Builder fetches your members some special privileges such as allowing them to create content for your website, blogging, membership groups etc.

2) VirtueMart

VirtueMart is an advanced shopping cart solution, which is extensively used by a number of store owners across the world. This open source Joomla extension can be run equally well in Store as well as Catalog mode and its strong administration tool enables you to handle varied number of categories, discounts, shopper groups, customers etc.

This free extension can easily be downloaded and modified without any restrictions. It facilitates shoppers to manage their accounts easily and view all their order details. It also helps them to make payments in multiple currencies.

3) JCE

JCE is an extendable, customizable popular Joomla extension that fetches you a latest editor for editing Joomla based pages of your website. It entails varied features such as file and image handling, strong administration interface for configuring the editor, plugin support etc.

This Joomla extension is licensed under GNU and is free to download. This tool helps you to style test with the help of familiar buttons and general commands such as bold, italic, underline etc and also run a spell check on the write-ups. JCE also enables you to copy text from Word to other text documents and insert images using file browser interface.

4) Joom Fish

Joom Fish is an advanced Joomla extension that enables you to maintain your website in different languages (multilingual content management) with the help of a system bot. This extension encompasses a front-end module for selecting the language along with varied plugins and a router. It can be used without patching of important files.

This extension is free to download along with some free available add-ons. Its central control panel permits easy access to all important features and the translation overview entails filters, which help in speedy access to entries you’re looking for. It also helps to translate lists all at once thereby enhancing performance improvement.

5) JomSpecial

JomSpecial is a great Joomla extension that enables you to create and develop your own social network. You can complement your social networking website with logos, themes, graphics etc with the help of this Joomla extension and also customize the same through CSS edits.

It includes a broad array of features such as private messaging, friend requests, comment on walls, share photos, follow updates and add third party components with its improved API. You can also create unlimited number of groups, invite and add members to the same, hide the group etc.

These are some of the most popular Joomla extension available on the Internet today. I hope improvements will keep taking place and more & more useful Joomla extensions will arrive on the World Wide Web to help netizens all across the world.

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