5 ways to find an expert Joomla Designer

Author: Alan Johnson

Among all open source of Content Management Systems (CMS) available online, Joomla is one of the most leading and powerful CMS used extensively around the world for award-winning websites development. Joomla expands to all classic advantages of an open source CMS, including extensibility and it’s also easy to use. Joomla composes a bundle of core features that make it different and special from the others. The design of Joomla is intrinsically search engine friendly.

But how to find an experienced joomla designer is the biggest challenge in today’s world which is full with frauds trying to get your money in any way possible.

Its important the you know the tips that can help you judge between scam and the real expert joomla designers.

1.An experienced joomla designer should have the knowledge of joomla template language

2. An expert joomla designer should have reference to his past work on his website (Portfolio) (for example. Joomla sites that the designer or the joomla designer company has made in the past)

3.An expert joomla designer should know how to organize content with joomla content manager

4.An experienced joomla designer should have the talent to create table less/css based designs

5.An experienced joomla designer should have the skills to play with all joomla components and with complete command over them

It would also be best to search google and see the designer’s site to see where they stand in google like: write www.1websitedesign.net in search box (One of the professional joomla designers I have worked with)

By following these tips you will find an expert joomla designer and you will never be fooled by any scammer but remember that joomla enables YOU to do whatever you like with our website without any problems or worries about finding a programmer or designers. So find some company and stay away from freelancers and be sure that they have worked with joomla in the past. Good Luck

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Alan Johnson is one of the leading advisor and consultant on online businesses and web designing

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