8 Quick Domain Naming Tricks And Tips!

Author: Dan Ohis

Choosing a domain name is one of the foremost business decisions you will have to make in your quest for having your own website on the net.

What really makes a domain name stick, special and memorable?
Is it the naming or the people behind the name, what really is in a name?
I have discovered 7 easy tricks for making your domain name stick.

1. Let your domain name be easy to remember.
Let it be very simple. Add prefix or numbers to make use of the already taken names.

2. Let it contain your primary keywords. This will help for traffic generation and people can easily get to find your site when they search for that product in search engines.

3. Let your name suggest your type of product and business.
Here if you cannot use your primary keyword as part of your domain name, then use the product or service in your domain name such that it will be easy to describe your business from your name. This help to build identity.

4. Registers extensions other than .Com
Almost all words in .com are taken. But .net is fast catching up. If you build your site with SEO ranking rules, then you stand a chance to rank well.

5. Create a strong trademark through that name. trademarks are of great value to any business. They are unique to you and describe your business and stands longer in the mind of your readers.

6. Avoid using dashes in your domain names as this often will be hard to remember and most of your visitors would have type in your domain name without the dash and your traffic will be going to your competitor.

7. Choose a domain name with meaning; let your domain name speak for it self.

8. Use a name free of legal issues. There are laws which forbid using brand names owned by others as part of your domain name. e.g. Ipodsbynokia.com could be available but if used, Nokia management could file a lawsuit which could lead to waste of time and recourses.

Every single domain name is different. But some are with a difference. You can achieve this if you implement this little tips and tricks.

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