A busy few days

Well it has been a busy few days for me so much so I had not even checked my FaceBook for a couple of days. I was in the process of doing the finishing touched on a newly launched web site. The site is located at http://www.rvtimes.ca it is a great site about RVing, it is the online version of a magazine published here in Victoria contains great content about the RV community.

What else was I doing well I was doing all the prep work for a new Podcast I will be doing with my brother. This is to be a podcast about my favorite pastime now World of WarCraft. It is to be called the Crusaders of NuTemple.com it is being done for http://wwwNuTemple.com of course my WarCraft web site. You can also download my most recent WarCraft template there based on the new release due out called Cataclysm. The Podcast is to be focused on the newer players and hopefully help to explain the game for the noobes which of course i still am as far as time in the game goes only been playing now for 6 months.

What else well it is that time of year again where Mason lodge stuff starts and with other web work it pretty much fills the schedule. Oh yes and let’s not forget my kids.

Well time to get some sleep bye all.