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Advertising, Personalization, Universal Type Sizes, a Uniqule New Carousel and more on Episode 73 WPPlugins A to Z

It’s episode #73, and we’ve got plugins for Advertising, Personalization, Universal Type Sizes, a uniqule new carousel, and a new plugin that lets you target your posts to individual users. All that and more coming up next on WordPress Plugins A-Z.

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John’s Rant

A Ramble about what a great place Victoria is , Social Media Camp Victoria and of course Diablo3. The sad state of the top 5 or 7 or 10 plugins depending on what article you read. Seems they all have the same thing to say. Never going outside the box. Guess I will be doing my article soon of the real top five or actually 15 that I put on every site. Or even an up and coming top list of plugin failures.

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Gordon Drayson from Drayson Design in the UK sends in a question about managing multiple wordpress installs with a WP Management tool.

Marcus has used WordPress Manager DX before with some pretty good success in the past, might be worth a look. (

List of interesting sites that run on WordPress:

World of WordPress News and other interesting WordPress related posts:

WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate 3

Golden Horseshoe Up my Yohoo**** Plugins Reviewed by John ****

WP AdCenter (Premium Plugin)
The Plugin site at
The Authors Site where they have a few other plugins

The Lowdown:
After install head over to its menu The only setting to make is paypal address seems it does not offer the sandbox top bad. The you need to set up your zones, packages and campaigns. Then set up at least one advertiser so you can test it out. The one problem I ran into was lack of documentation until I went duh!! Check the zip folder for info and there is a link to complete online documentation on how to use it. It uses widgets to place your ad block a nice feature or get the code and place that. It is either php code or short code nice feature.
Adding the ads was pretty easy after that and so was setting up the payment page now just sit back and let the cash roll in.
Rating: 4 Dragons

I have a coupe plugins from the same authors Sean & Randy over at
First is one that seem like allot of fun more than anything else.
beCounted 1.0.2

The Lowdown:
Ok what can I say it can also be used for serious stats presentation but I found it to be much more for fun than anything else. simply install activate and add your stats and credit line. It can be good fun.
Rating 3 Dragons

Now onto a serious note for a plugin
Benchmark Email Lite 2.3
Last updated June 5th
Author: beAutomated

The Lowdown:
First you will need an account at Benchmark email wwhere you get a 30 day free trial after that it costs not sure how much did not examin thier services.
I had a little trouble locating my API key at benchmark but the instructions from the plugin where pretty good only missing one line look for small link to generate your API key.
I do like the one feature I noticed in tier plug ins and that is to limit what page to show it on.
It works very nice and if you have more than one list you choose it when setting up the widget plus a couple other base settings. All in all pretty nice plugin that has a widget that conforms to your theme quite nicely.  And if you want to place elsewhere they have the code ready to go for you. And you can send any post as an email right from the posts edit area. Where you can schedule it or send now. It send a pretty nice email but I would want to edit up what it send I am sure that can be done somewhere.

Rating 4 dragons

And finally one for WP e-commerce since I have recently completed that site I thought I would start sharing the plugins used
WPEC Personalize

The Lowdown:
Ok this plugin is pretty simple in essence of course you need wp e-commerce installed before you can use this. Ok here is the deal in wpec you can set a spot for your clients to personalize the product but it is simple one big text box. what this plugin does is allow you to create single line or text box and even double up on them and to determine which products they go to. This is great like this store which is an embroidery shop and sells things like name badges and sometimes it is one name other times it is multiple names. All in all pretty good.
Rating 3 Dragons

The Multi Use Tool**** Plugins Reviewed by Marcus ****


Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 2012-6-4
Downloads: 188
Author: bradparbs

wpTextResizeControls is an easy to use template tag to generate Increase, Decrease, reset font size controls for body text on a WordPress site. Just add wpTextResizeControls(0) to your template for the controls to be automatically styled, or wpTextResizeControls(1) to manually style. When manually styling, wpTextResizeControls is the container, and increaseFont, resetFont, and decreaseFont are all anchors you can target.

Marcus’ Take: This was a real easy plugin to use when trying to redesign an old client site that only needed tweaks with the typestyles. Rather than mess with the entire CSS and stylesheet structure, I opted to use this plugin instead. It took a few minutes to clear the cache and make sure the plgin qas working, but it did it’s job well and works just as promised.

Rating: 4 Dragons


Using this plugin you can create multiple carousel in pages or posts both vertical and horizontal , you can give links to each carousel images

Requires: 3.2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.2.2
Last Updated: 2012-6-4
Downloads: 309
Authors: Dhananjay Singh, Rananjay Singh, Ashwani

  1. You can create multiple carousels with unique name and id.
  2. You can also delete the carousel.
  3. You can upload different images to any carousel also has the option to delete particular images from any carousel.
  4. All images have a unique id.
  5. You can link the images to any URL and have option to update later.
  6. You can choose different settings for different carousels . a. Time delay in second b. Number of images to scroll c. Animation speed d. scroll right to left e. wrap (end slide on first image, last image, both and continue circular) f. vertical slide g. number of image to visible on frond end h. start index i. Effect j.  skin k. Container width, height l. image size.

Marcus’ Take: This little plugin worked some pretty good magic for me on a client site. It’s not too often that you require both a horizontal and vertical carousel in one page, and this plugin was the only one that I could locate that could handle what I was looking for.

Rating: 4 Dragons

Enabled Users

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 2012-5-26
Downloads: 44
Author:  lucdecri

This plugin add a new metabox in posts, pages and custom post type. In this metabox you can insert name of users (comma-separed) enabled to view it. If a post haven't users enabled and it has a parent, it is enabled for users for parent posts and pages.

Marcus’ Take: This was the perfect solution for an intranet site I was working with that was limited on the specific user TYPES that I would use to read a post. This let me break it down into individual teams instead. This let me call out individual people to see a particular post. Quite a nifty advancement.

Rating: 4 Dragons

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