Another trip to the Sooke Potholes for the "HikeClub"

Well it was a great day on Saturday for a trip to the Sooke Potholes for a hike with the “HikeClub” we headed out to do a short hike today. We only did half our usual since it was such a nice day we also decided to go ahead and do some geocacheing. We started out in the usual manor heading up towards Leechtown today stopping at our halfway point, just hanging out, and shooting the breeze. ( Todays map of our hike)

We went down to the point to take some pictures this is a pretty big curve in the river you can see on the map. It was an amazing kind of day on the river since it had rained so hard in the previous days the river was running quite high. It is actually amazing how much quieter is along the trail when the river is running high. This was the second time we managed a hike shortly after heavy rains and I thought I had noticed it before. This time I was paying attention and noticed the quiet of the area. Of course the main reason it was so quiet was due to the rocks being covered by the water and not running over it. You can see from the pictures below that the banks and water fall where really swollen.

So how did our geocacheing go well, this was actually the first time we tried geocacheing and it went pretty well for the most part although either we where blind or the cache had been removed by someone. I was using the geocache program in my iPhone for tracking the cache and it led us to within 7 feet of the cache and we triangulated it by going past it and coming at it from different angles but where not fully able to find it. a bit of a bummer but as we practice this I am sure we will get better at finding them.

We visited the overlook near the ruins of that hotel that was to be built there about 20yrs ago. This area has a magnificent view of the fall shown below, it really quite amazing to see and when you hike around here on a regular basis you sometimes forget that such beauty exists. I highly recommend a visit to the falls area of the potholes and in general just do some hiking around.

After some discussions as was mentioned in my last post we have dubbed ourselves the “HikeClub” for men. Yes we are to be a men’s only organization and we are looking for any men in the #yyj Victoria BC area who would like to join us on our hiking adventures. If you’re interested you can contact me at the rules for joining us are simple whatever is discussed at hikeclub remains at hikeclub. Oh yea and bring your own water, snacks & pack, we hike anywhere from 8k to 20k depending on the day and how we feel. We go out about every two weeks at least twice a month on Saturdays, we start as soon as the park opens and the hike last from 3 to 7 h's again depending on how far we go.