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Author: Gen Wright
? Growing Your Article Writing Business



As content remains to be the king in the online arena, article writers cannot be more in-demand these days. More and more online entrepreneurs are looking for great writers who can produce high quality articles that they can use on their blogs, on their article marketing campaign, and on their web site.



As a writer, now is the time to really cash-in from you talent. You can do this by launching and growing your article writing business. Here's how you can do that:



1. First, create a website that will tell your visitors who you are and what service you offer. As you are offering writing services, it's very important that your web content is well-written, engaging, and interesting to read. Ensure that your website is professionally designed and quick to download.



2. Marketing campaign. The next step is to let online users know that you and your website exist in the World Wide Web. Promote your site using content based marketing solutions which include article marketing, ezine publishing, blogging/blog marketing, and forum posting. You can also use video marketing, social media marketing, and viral marketing.



3. Take good care of your clients. Once you get people to do business with you, ensure that you really take good care of them. Give them great value for their money and ensure that your articles will help in driving traffic to their website or in positioning themselves as expert on their chosen niche. Deliver on or before the pre-set deadline and offer as many revisions as possible. By doing all of these, you'll be able to get your clients to come back and they'll surely help in creating an ocean of referrals for you.



? Multiplying Your Article Writing – Tips to Write More Articles



In article marketing, more articles means more chances of growing your ebusiness. This is because the more articles you submit, the more inbound links you'll generate for your ebusiness and the stronger your online presence will become. You'll also be able to strengthen your expert status as you'll offer your readers with much more information about your chosen niche.



Here's how you can write more articles:



1. Start writing early in the morning. More and more writers are discovering the benefits of writing first thing in the morning. If you are just like us, you'll find that you are more relaxed and more collected during this time as you are not affected with the days event just yet. In addition, you just had your rest so you'll feel energized and you'll be able to think a lot clearly.



2. Plan your articles. Don't just tap on your keyboard without clear goals or plans for your articles. Before you start writing, you must already have a solid idea about the topics that you'll write about and the type and amount of information that you'll include on your copies. It's better if you have an outline for each of your article to speed up the whole writing process.



3. Avoid distractions. The last thing you would like to happen is to disrupt your train of thoughts especially when your creative juices have started to flow generously. So, write where you can be alone or where nothing can disturb you. It would also help if you don't edit your articles while you are writing them as this can make you forget the ideas that you have thought of earlier. About the Author:

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