Automation is the Key with Membership Sites

By: Robert Williams

Running a successful membership site can become very labor intensive very quickly. However, with the right tools you can automate many of these tasks, which will free up quite a bit of your time. In this article, we will highlight some of the best time saving tools:

When it comes to running a successful membership site, a membership management tool is a necessity. A membership management program will automatically sign people up, collect payments and grant access to private areas.

Some programs will also automatically revoke or suspend access when a payment is missed or a subscription is canceled. A quality membership manager will also allow you to automatically make members into affiliates and provide the flexibility for non-paying people to sign up as affiliates.

A great time management tool is a feature offered by WordPress. Using their “delayed post” feature you can upload content and schedule exactly when you want it published on your site. You can create the content for your membership site several months ahead of time and it won't be displayed until the date you have specified. Best of all, WordPress is a free, open source content management system that can easily be installed on your server through the push of a button.

An autoresponder is another very important tool. An autoresponder is a service that allows you to create mailing lists and schedule emails, which will automatically be sent to the mailing list in the order you have requested.

Let's say that Sally signs up for your membership on Tuesday. She will automatically be sent any welcome messages that you have specified to be sent on the fist day of membership. If Joe signs up for the membership site on Wednesday, he won't miss any emails. He will also be sent that first day's email on the day he signs up.

You can also use an autoresponder to send broadcast messages to your whole mailing list on the same day. This is great for sending out newsletters or invitations to events.

A credit card processing service is another tool to look into. Look carefully into the different services, as their rates can vary. You can certainly start out with Paypal, but eventually you may want to go with a different service, as not everyone has a Paypal account and Paypal isn't offered in every country.

Shop around and compare the different automation tools and packages available. It is a good idea to have your pricing strategy and a rough growth plan in place before buying anything. You don't want to lock yourself into something that will not grow or adapt with you.

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