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Author: Sunil Tanna

When the owner of a dot com, dot net or dot org domain name fails to pay their annual renewal fees, the domain name goes through a gradual multiple step process. Initially the original domain name owner, who might simply have forgotten to pay the renewal fees (despite the fact that most domain registrars generally send multiple reminder emails of pending renewal fees), can reclaim their original domain name. Later however, the domain enters a status (“pending delete”) where it is being prepared to expire. Finally, the domain name expires and becomes available again for anybody to register – on a first come, first served basis.

When a good domain name expires, it can often be in great demand. This is not only because of the quality of many expiring domain names, but also the fact that a new owner may inherit incoming links (although of course not any web site content) when they obtain the domain name. In any case, the fact of the matter is that there can be race to be first to register domain names as they expire – and people who try to register an expiring domain name simply by manually waiting for it to expire, and manually registering it, are unlikely to be the winners in such races.

The best ways to improve your odds of winning such races are either to get software to help automatically register a desired expiring domain name for you, or to use a back ordering service (or services) to chase the domain for you. If you really want to obtain a particular expiring domain name, it may even be worth trying the software approach and one or more back ordering services, all at the same time.

If you are not familiar with back ordering services, what they basically do is use their own software to try to help their customers win the race to register valued expired domain names. The best back ordering services also have multiple computers, fast networks, and so forth, that are also intended to improve the odds in the race.

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