BAW Login/Logout Menu Plugin Review

“On WordPress Plugins A-Z #196 I reviewed BAW Login/Logout menu. Here are the impressions of Marcus Couch and I of this plugin, as heard on the show.”

“Alright, the first plugin I've got this week came about because of the failure of one of my most favorite used plugins on a website. It's a web customizing login logout. So I was looking for a really good login logout menu on to add the login logout to your menu bar on your regular menu on a custom menu without going through a lot of traditional coding.”

“I know you can do a lot coding and a hack or everything else I want an easy way. This is called the BAW Login/Logout Menu. Once you activate it, what it does in your custom menu build theme in your WordPress, it allows you to just click a button and it will automatically add in login/logout link to any menu you've got and it gives you the option to a different types of links either login link or logout link or a single link that switch automatically to login to logout depending on what your needs are. “

“All along this is a really beautiful plugin. It was simple, effective, work the way it was supposed to and of course that's our kind of favorite plugin so it gets say the top 5 already.”