Boxing Day Cheer

Welcome to Episode Boxing Day Cheer – This is Episode 46 for 2022, today is Boxing Day, and we just wanted to say hi, do a couple of mentions, and say thanks!
Although, we aren't actually here in person. Instead this is a pre-recorded show, made just for our awesome listeners so that you won't miss us too much.
Today is Boxing Day, and we just wanted to say hi, do a couple of mentions, and say thanks!
We want to thank Simple Giveaways for providing us with their premium version so long ago for our contests, their donation has been endlessly helpful!
We want to thank all of our amazing jingle-creators – that would include Steve Goodtime & Brant Mathews, as well as Charlie – and No Agenda for being so willing to share their jingles with anyone out there as long as they themselves get a call out!
And we want to thank everyone who has helped out with the show over the past year:
That would be:
Charlie for stepping up and helping out with the contests.
Angel Lemus, Daniele Pais and Gregs Graphics for their amazing artwork they have sent in over and over, and Jes Saliba for helping out with the Artwork Galleries!
I think my favourite episodes this year were the ones around Halloween – but Halloween is my favourite holiday, so that's kind of to be expected.
– dad's favourite episodes
I can't think of any news in particular that really hit me this year, though the development of the WordPress Sandbox Project is pretty cool, so is the ChatGPT thing that can create plugins – although that one is also a little scary since I don't want any of our developers losing out on work. Though that might just be an opportunity for them really – the chance to prove that human innovation is way better than AI creation due to our creativity.
– dad thoughts on any news that stuck some sort of cord
I know for me, I am planning on creating an amazing egg nog recipe that shall be remembered by all my future generations! Maybe my creation will be known as ‘grandma Ambers egg nog' and spoken in reverence by my future generations. That would be awesome!
Enjoy the rest of 2022!