Build It, They Will Come! 7 FREE Methods to Generate Traffic

Author: Ali Baraka

You have your website up and you're ready to rock ‘n' roll. Congratulations!

But wait! You say: “All I know are the costly pay per click sites and pricey classifieds! I can't afford all of that and all I want to do is get people clicking my way!”. Not so fast. Put your walking shoes on, because you've got to be ready…

There are many free methods of generating traffic to your website, some of which can be time consuming and tedious. But it is free of charge. And when you're starting out, that can be a real boon to you.

1. YouTube. You can create a short video on YouTube and post it for free. The video doesn't have to be long, just long enough to provide quality information about your product. Camera shy? There are many presentation programs out there that can enable you to post on YouTube with putting your face on camera.

2. Articles. Many websites (including the one you're probably on right now) allow you to post your article free of charge. Just write informatively on the product you're selling. Make sure your article is about 400-600 words in length (give or take). You want to generate interest, so too short an article is not as authoritative and too long an article will bore your reader to death. Olso mak shure your spell chek is wurking corectly.

3. Chat Rooms. Simple. You log on, you chat, and you produce a friendly invite to check out your website. Some chat rooms don't allow spam, so read up on the rules before you move on. Again, be informative and knowledgable.

4. Flyers. Anyone with a PC can type up and print out something eye-catching and put it under the windshield wiper of parked cars at the mall. Easiest thing in the world to do, and it gets you out of the house. This method is deceptively effective. Don't stop at malls either. Grocery stores, colleges, church, etc. There are internet marketers for whom 40% of their business is generated from this method. And a little exercise never hurt anyone, right?

5. Twitter. Another cultural enigma! Similar in marketing function as a chat room. Just post a few tweets and ease in information about your article or website. Easy on the hard sell though, people can be turned off easily.

6. USFreeADS. Generate an interesting classified ad and post it on They won't allow the placement of a URL on your ad unless you're paying a fee, but the good news is that fee is a measly $10 a month. You can still promote your product without the URL though. Try it! It works!

7. WikiHow. The secret weapon for free traffic generation. Go to and do searches based on keywords related to your product. What will come up are articles related to your product. You can edit the article in real time and plug your product. Real cool stuff. A little known offense.

As you see, there are many methods of generating traffic to your website that many of your competitors aren't aware of. These methods will give you an unfair advantage in building your e-business. Do so judiciously and use common sense while you go along. Remember, you have a worthy product, but people generally shy away from hard sells so be tactful and smart as you promote your product.

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