Building Credibility With Your Online Marketing Mini Sites!

What do you write on the main page of your website? I first started the page with a welcome message and a little bit about myself. I wanted to give the visitor a little bit of my personality. Since I can’t personally be on the page to welcome everyone, I always try to put a little of my personality into the words on the page.

I then start telling the visitor about what I am promoting and how it has helped me build my businesses.

To build my credibility I have also placed a few testimonials on my landing page for those who visit my site and don’t know who I am. The last thing I do is give them something for free just like on my salesletter page. This way if they don’t click through to my salesletter page, they are put into my autoresponder, so I may have a chance of getting them to my salesletter page where I can ask them for the sale.

What you need to create an “original mini site” type site:

Domain name, Hosting, Something to promote, Content

I gave the “original mini site” type site its name because it’s like the regular every day site with one exception. It focuses on one topic instead of many. It’s a mini version of an original every day site.

I always get my own domain name when creating an “original mini site” type site. When I pick what my “original mini site” type site is going to be about I want to get a domain name that has my keywords in it. Take for example my site. I use it to promote my joint venture how to package I offer.

“Original mini site” type sites do take longer to build, but because they have more content, you can use SEO to get your “original mini site” type site indexed in the search engines. You should put a lot of time into optimizing your “original mini site” type site for the search engines. It’s the best method for getting free-targeted traffic if done correctly.

“Original mini site” type sites can also help to make you more known and give you credibility. Things aren’t like they used to be. A handshake and a smile don’t go very far anymore. People have to feel that they can trust you before they buy from you or give you their personal information. You can gain their trust by showing them that you are a real person who really does know what they are talking about.

How do you do that? Well, there are a couple of ways to do that.

You can use testimonials. The testimonials don’t have to be yours. If you are promoting an affiliate program via your “original mini site” type site, contact the owner of the product and tell them how you are promoting their product and ask to use some of the testimonials off of their site. If it’s your product, give it away free to people and in turn ask for a testimonial.

You can also gain credibility and trust by writing articles about what you are promoting. Again, if you are promoting an affiliate program, ask the owner of what you are promoting if they have any articles available for you to use for promoting their product. Find out more about affiliate marketing at

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