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Building Niche Review Sites With WordPress

The City at nightBy Sun Jie

Tired of trying to make your own niche review theme? You've spent hours learning the HTML, coding the style sheets, creating your own banner, but your site still does not look professional. What if there was an easy way to have a professional looking site in minutes?

Look for a niche review theme. But where can you find a good one? There are a number of themes around the Internet you can use, but most are not professional looking. Of the ones that are, you run into coding errors that you spend hours researching and fixing. And when you try to contact the site designers, you hear nothing but crickets chirping.

You can also go to (CHECK) to choose from a broader selection of themes. I think they are good for you, if you are not meet, You could but one, you'll need to customize it to create a review site. You'll need to remove the dates from the postings.

I've found, customize themes not only looks professional, they provide one on one support whenever you need it. They could help you how to installed, how to edit and so on. It's the better than free theme.

If you buy a customize theme, Someone even comes with a step by step guide to get your site up and running as soon as possible.

However, it's not likely that you'll need help. As me, all themes I using are easy. You merely fill in your options to a form to customize your colors, and select from a wide variety of included stock photos. Fill in your posts, and then you're done!

Is there a cost involved? There is, but first consider: if you had to do all the work of learning basic HTML and setting up your own site, it would take you at least two days. If you downloaded a theme you had to “tweak”, you're looking at about 8 hours of work or more. If your time is worth $10 an hour, that would be at least $80 in cost to you, plus any lost potential revenue from not having your site up. This theme is far less expensive, and far more valuable in what it will save you in time and frustration.

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