Building Online Communities With Joomla

By: Ron McNeil

Developing an online social network is one of the latest activities on the internet that people have got into. You will find many people trying to keep in touch with other contacts by joining a lot of different forums or by joining lots of different kinds of social communities. These connections can be personal or they can be for business and online social networking is also a very good way for you to find related contacts for your business.

You see that websites such as facebook, Xing and LinkedIn are hugely successfully all over the world and it should give you a great idea of how popular online social networking has really become. With the help of a good Joomla hosting server you can easily develop your own Joomla social networking site. Let us see how you can do that.

The main idea behind developing your own personal social community is that you would be able to spread your business to audiences that have not already heard about your product. Joomla social networking site is a great way for you to get your business noticed and interact with your consumers. It makes it even easier if your hosting is provided by Joomla. The best thing about Joomla social networking sites is that you can easily customize these websites to your needs and desires.

It doesn't require a great knowledge about computer and an IT expert for you to start working and developing a Joomla social networking site. One of the easily attainable application is phpBB forums which use xmlrpc to give phpBB incorporation, New sticker so that you can have about 90% java script motorized news reader, the My Imeem straight forward play list implant, editorials with extended com-content, complete profile figures and chirrup right there in your profile page.

Joomla is open source software so it is easily accessible by everyone so you too can enjoy the Joomla experience. Since Joomla is constructed on technology that is open source, Joomla provides its users with more freedom then other scripts and softwares. You will find its design very well acquiescent. You can easily create a user profile and the profiles can be incorporated.

You can easily generalize the profiles of the users by changing the advanced user options. This gives the liberty to the users to personalize their profile page. They can either choose to show their profile to everyone or they can choose to show it to only their friends that they have added.

There are mini feeds that are in many Joomla social networking sites and they keep you posted and updated about the activities of other members that are using Joomla social networking site. Through these straightforward mini feed applications the users can stay informed about the new replies to their previous posts and comments and they can also then reply to those posts and add their opinions. This way your Joomla social networking site will grow and expand more.

This mini feed feature lets the users of the community to stay in better contact with each other and the users can get the most out of the Joomla social networking site. You have features such as quick replies that enable the users of the community to easily communicate with each other and it helps to make the communication faster and meaningful.

Twitter application enables the users to actually post directly from the Joomla social networking site to twitter and this feature really helps your forum to get noticed by many people around the world.

If you are using Joomla then you will be able to develop a social networking website that will be completely unique. This uniqueness will help your business to get noticed as you can optimize your community to propagate your product to millions of people.

Many different kinds of people will visit your community if it is attractive and interactive social community. You will have experts, clients or your working colleagues joining your online Joomla social networking site if you have a community that is unique and good.

You can really learn quite a lot when you develop your own personal social community because when you talk to different people on forums and share ideas then that really helps you to form new ideas and opens great opportunities for you to start your business and make some modifications. You can find out what your customers are really interested in and then base your product on the interest of customers based on their feedback. You can then be able to offer them a better product then before.

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