It's Episode 606 and we have plugins for YARPPing Posts, Updating the Dates... and WordPress News. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Clearing the Mud from WordPress Plugins

Clearing the Mud from WordPress Plugins

John's Intro:

It's Episode 606 and we have plugins for  YARPPing Posts, Updating the Dates… and WordPress News. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

– ‘good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you happen to be hiding out there on the globe today! Coming to you LIVE from …'

Amber's Rant:

Welcome to Episode 606 – Clearing the Mud from WordPress Plugins  We've got a couple of great in-depth plugins to cover for you, some recent news in both the WordPress World and the Tech World in general, and some awesome WordPress Tips!

We have a bit of an announcement today – we aren't going to be here for the next two weeks. We will be back on July 31st with some amazing in depth plugin reviews and a large chunk of news for you though. Don't forget us while we are gone!

Some reminders before we start the show today….


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That's it for reminders, don't forget to stick around until the end of the show for some possibly life altering advice!

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Let's start the show with this weeks Featured Artist:


Angel Lemus —

The episode title is ‘Clearing the Mud' – but really I think this is more like ‘Wearing the Mud!' Pretty awesome picture!

Going through the Art Vaults is awesome, but we would love some new art! You can send it into us at You can also check out the art vaults yourself there too!

…We can NEVER have too much art!

Breaking News in the WordPress World at large!! 

…If I missed something, shoot me a link at – it may show up on the next show!

News this week:

WordPress Vulnerability Report – June 28, 2023 ( – The list of patched plugins is pretty long this week, and the list of the plugins to pay close attention to is also long.

The plugins I most easily recognize are: Form Builder, Enable SVG Uploads, Image Protector, Gallery Megabox, and User Email Verification for WooCommerce.

There was one WordPress Theme Vulnerability, though it has already been patched, which is good news.

WordPress 6.3 Beta 3 released, introduces UI changes to Pattern Management ( – A live product demo for the RC 1 is expected to be released on July 18 and is anticipated to be broadcast on Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 16:00 UTC. Beta 3 includes about 34 updates to the Site Editor since the previous beta release, and more than 40 updates coming from Trac.

WordPress 6.3 to drop support for PHP 5 ( – WordPress is officially dropping support for PHP 5 in the upcoming 6.3 release, which is expected to land August 8, 2023. The previous minimum support for PHP has sat at PHP 5.6.20 since 2019, though is going to be updated to 7.0.0. The recommended PHP version will stay the same at 7.4 If any of our listeners are running PHP less then 7.0.0, I'm sorry but you are likely about to have a bit of a mess on your hands.

WordPress unveils plans for real-time collaboration with major improvements to revisions and the Media Library ( – In a series of 4 posts, Gutenberg lead architect Matias Ventura has outlined the project's phase 3 plans for Real-Time Collaboration, Workflows, Revisions, and the Media Library. 6.3 is set to be the final major release of Phase 1, which has focused on Customization. Phase 3 will be focusing on other parts of the admin in an effort to bring seamless collaboration to WordPress. Hopefully this means that things will start moving a bit more smoothly. If you are interested be sure to check out the links in our show notes so that you can get more details on the matter!

Europe's first ‘lightning hunter' releases striking footage of severe storms ( – I thought this was just super cool! I love lightning, and the idea that there are now ‘lightning hunters' like there are Tornado hunters, I think it's just awesome! Watching the video, I was a little sad that there weren't any pictures from on the ground, but really the lightning from space looks super cool! Almosts makes me think of fireflies in some areas.

The Extras – check out our Facebook, or Twitter page for even more!

WordPress to host 6.3 live product demo on Thursday, July 20, 2023 (

Hey: An elegantly simple WordPress Block Theme for blogging (

The Smart Home Jury is still out on Matter, AI could help (

If only documentation looked as clean as the code (

Gen AI fueling surge of sophisticated email attacks (

Release AI from the shadows, argues Wharton Prof (

Poor password practices persist among online users: Study (

HP Addresses rising security threats before an AI-driven wave of pain (

Dragon Rating Time!

John's Plugin

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Requires:3.7 or higher
Compatible up to:6.4.5
Released:02 January 2008
Last Updated:17 February 2024
(4.8 star out of 5)

The lowdown:

Help add to your internal linking and help your visitors find more content on your site.

The setup for this is pretty easy and allows you to limit or include specific content from your site into the recommended links. You can limit it even further by setting a date/time limit on it from the most recent 12 months to older posts.

You can determine what to consider for matching the content to be shown; title, body content, categories, tags and more.  Plus, determine what to show this on either pages or posts.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a professionally maintained, highly customizable, performant and feature rich plugin that displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry. YARPP introduces your visitors to other relevant content on your site — boosting visitor engagement, time on site and SEO. Related Posts can increase your pageviews up to 10%. Simply install, activate and watch your sessions and pageviews increase.

Rating 5 Dragons

WordPress Tips

We would love to hear some tid bit tips from some of our producers out there – what did you figure out by breaking something? Or what did you need to learn in order to help someone? You can send these tid bits into me at

Making Sites

Sometimes when you're ‘in the zone', you will create this absolutely magnificent site, and it works beautifully, you managed to do things that were never thought possible!

But then, you go back, and find that you can't update it because of particular things you have done, or that you can't figure out how to solve an issue that has cropped up because you can't remember how you did that amazing thing.

One of the best things to do I have learned, is to look long term when you are building a site. If you are doing amazing things, make note on how this will work down the road – if you are already having troubles getting particular things like the theme to work with a secondary theme to make something, how much harder will it be down the road as the two different themes continue developing on their own and continue seperating from one another?

These are the kind of things that you want to overcome before you have completed your site because otherwise you will find yourself looking down the barrel at crunch time when something like a PHP update has come along, and having to figure out what to do when everything has tangled itself up so much that you are just not sure what to do.

This is a hard one to remember. I'm sure many a developer has done this exact thing before, and have forgotten that down the road things are only going to get worse. Simple is hard, but simple is the best way to go because it makes the road a head much clearer.

Beginners Tips

Don't be afraid to ask questions on forums. You may think that you are asking a dumb question, but really that question is already out there and being pondered by many other people. Generally you will be able to find the answer to any question you have simply by typing it into the search bar, but if you can't, just ask! Someone out there has likely already dealt with it and is likely to give you the answer.

Use different search bars – Google is a great one for anything techy. Bing is a good runner up, unfortunately I have found DuckDuckGo to be faltering in that department. Would love to hear back on some search bars that people out there have used and gotten good results in!

…Some random entertainment in the World of WordPress!

…Matt's Famous Quotes

…The hall of shame via Automattic:

Amber's Plugin

Date Updater

Requires:6.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:10 July 2023
Last Updated:27 March 2024
(0 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:

This is a pretty nifty fresh outta the box plugin! Totally free, helps you to keep the date current!

Works well, using only shortcodes. Seems to play well with others and works whether you are adding these shortcodes into your posts, pages, or widgets.

Once you have inserted the shortcodes provided, the date will automatically change to the current date of that day based on the date and time set in your site. Once the shortcode has been put in, you won't have to bother going back and changing the date anymore, it will just keep reflecting whichever date you have set it for, changing as the days/months/years progress.

There are a lot of options for you to choose from making it possible to curate it to your needs; a few examples are todays date, the day before, the day after today, last month, next month – the list goes on from days to years, and includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I can see a few places this could be useful. I appreciate this lightweight plugin that doesn't try and do more than it needs to and works well.

Rating: 5 Dragons

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Today's Plugins we covered were:

John’s Plugin:

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin By YARPP

  • Advanced and cersatil algorithm
  • caching
  • custom templates and styles

Rating: 5 Dragons

Amber's Plugin: 

Date Updater By Harpreet Kumar

  • Works seamlessly with pages, posts, or widgets
  • keeps your dates in perfect order with shortcodes
  • many options to choose from to fit your needs

Rating: 5 Dragons

Q & A Time with Amber – Catch this info on our YouTube Channel

If you have questions you would like to have asked on the show, send them in to me at – let's see if we can stump my dad!

  • Regarding Themes – what kind of bonuses can a theme offer you these days?
  • Is there a specific instance you can think of where you would recommend a theme over a page builder?

Questions asked after closing credits:

  • Are there any kind of security issues you can think of that could be caused by using a theme vs a page builder?
  • Learning to use either a theme or a page builder is a rather large learning curve. Which would you recommend to a person who wants to experience the smallest possible learning curve?