Common Mistakes in Choosing a Web Host

Author: Ryan Hudson

Are you in look out for a hosting provider for your online business? It’s a common observation that most people commit mistakes in making a choice of web host. You must act smart and make sure that you don’t make these mistakes.

Have a glance at some of the common mistakes made by people in choosing a host:

1) Unclear understanding of your web needs

Before making this important decision of choosing a host, you must do the required homework for the same and jot down all the resources that your website would be requiring. Don’t go by what people say! In fact, analyze your business objectives and then make an intelligent choice.

Most companies have their defined market segment. Hence, you must do a proper analysis of your own requirements and then figure out which web host addresses them best. A wrong choice of web host can fetch you lots of difficult experiences. So stay wise!

2) Squandering lots of time looking for Cheap Web host

Your time is precious. So don’t waste it looking for cheap hosting companies. Instead, you must look out for a host that offers affordable and high-quality web hosting solutions. Quality is one key element that can never be compromised on. Choosing a cheap company can be detrimental for your online business.

It’s quite possible that you come across a reseller offering low-cost web hosting solutions. However, it must be clearly etched in your mind that many a times, resellers can’t yield the same quality of solutions as original web hosts do.

3) Don’t fall for the Price Trap

Beware of the price trap in hosting business. You may come across companies that offer quite cheap web hosting solutions. But what needs to be considered here is the extent to which you can look for price aspect. If you are a netizen who wish to carve your online niche then you must not compromise on the quality.

A host offering cheap hosting services might not give the required bandwidth & disk space as may be required by your website or backup servers or technical support services. All this may hamper the day-to-day functioning of your website and can adversely affect the same.

4) Don’t take Testimonials at Face Value

You must not take all testimonials true to their face value. Instead get connected with people in the same businesses who’ve had experiences with the web hosts. This would enlighten you on the true experiences of the people and enable you make a right decision.

Often, web hosts highlight the testimonials given to them by their loyal customers. Sometimes those can even be paid testimonials. Hence, take into consideration only the true experiences of people as this would help you make an intelligent choice of the web host for your online enterprise.

5) Missing out on the contact details of the web host

Quite often, people don’t have a written record of the contact details and email addresses of the companies they choose. So it’s always wise to list down all the contact details, phone numbers, email addresses of your host so that in case of need, you can connect with the web host instantly and get a solution to your business query.

6) Assuming your web host equipped with advanced software

There has been witnessed a remarkable upsurge in cyber crime cases. More and more efforts are put to come up with software that can defeat these security threats. Many netizens complain afterwards that they didn’t even know that their chosen web hosts did not have the latest software to check these security holes.

So before you make a purchase of web hosting solutions, you must check with the host (you’re planning to choose) whether it offers anti-virus software or not.

Having known the common errors made by people while choosing a web host, I hope you will act intelligent and choose a web host that offers solutions as per your online requirements and help you establish a strong online presence on the World Wide Web. Currently, many good Web Hosting companies are operating in the market such as LimeDomains, HostGator, FatCow etc.

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