Content Management Systems – The Easy Way To Keep Your Website Updated

By: Mike Nielsen

When you're building an online business the last thing you want to do is spend your time manually creating html or php files for your website. That's the main reason why content management systems have become so popular. They make it easier for you to focus on getting good solid content online. In the beginning getting a content management system was very expensive. That has changed. Today you can get many good, free content management systems for free.

The main advantage of a content management system is undoubtedly they allow users without any technical know-how to publish content on the web. You don't have to dig deep in your pockets to get acontent management system up and running these days. There are plenty of good free content management system on the market today. Some of the most popular systems are Joomla and Mambo, however, I feel that I also have to mention CMSimple, which really is simple.

Did you know that:
CMSimple is a content management system that doesn't even require a database.

In today's web2.0 world I would be doing you a disservice by not mentioning the ever popular blogging systems like WordPress or Drupal. Most people do not consider them to be proper content management systems. Although they are not content management systems in the traditional sense they work in much the same way. I like to think of them as highly specialized content management systems.

Joomla is a great content management system, no doubt about that. The best thing about it for someone starting a business is that it's free to use as long as you stick to the license. That's not the only advantage though. Because it's free and because it's a really good system it has a very strong following. That means that there are a lot of people out there spending a lot of time creating joomla templates. Some are free and some you have to pay for, but unless you know how to create a joomla template that looks professional it's going to be a lot cheaper to download or buy a ready made joomla template.

Since using a content management system has become so popular it would be fair to assume that setting them up would be easy. For those with technical skills it probably is, but if you do not have those skills it can be quite a challenge. In fact that is probably the one thing that keeps the greatest number of people from ever getting a content management system off the ground. Fortunately, however, there are a lot of people offering guides and courses on how to install joomla and other content management systems You're unlikely to get that service for free though.

So what's the bottom line on using joomla and other content management systems?

If you don't have any technical skills you will probably have to spend a bit of cash, however, it is still highly likely to be far less expensive than getting a web professional to do the job for you. You definitely do not need to solicit the services of a web development company. That will likely cost you thousands of dollars. Why do that when you can get your website, with a content management system, off the ground for less than $100.

Content management systems are tools that let you create web site content and administer web site content on a recurring basis. content management systems allows you to focus on content development and not web site development.

In the web 2.0 world web content isn't just about text anymore. Web content can be basically anything ranging from articles, pictures, products, email archives, Flash presentations, streaming audio, to basically anything else you can think of. Any content management system worth its salt will provide you with the tools to publish all that.

In the past you could end up spending hours updating your website. Then you had to make sure everything was working like it was supposed to. With modern content management systems that is not a problem anymore. These systems allow you to focus on the content of your website.

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