Contextual Related Post Plugin Review

“On WordPress Plugins A-Z #196 I reviewed Contextual Related Posts. Here are the impressions of Marcus Couch and I of this plugin, as heard on the show.”


“So, the next one I've got here is Contextual Related Post. This one is come about due to I don't know. Do you use your holic?”


“I've kind of disable a lot of a share plugins in favor of the built-in theme integration that I used.”


“I use Shareaholic a lot. A lot of my clients used this. It's fairly common plugin. The best part it was it had one of the better contextual related post underneath for you. It's a great plugin until about 4 or 5 months ago when they sneakily first they changed user terms then they've started to insert ads in the people's websites without telling them.”
“I've done some research to find them but I was looking for was a plugin that no longer relied on third party source to get good quality Contextual Related Post onto your website and at the same time displayed it in a nice way. And that's the Contextual Related Post, it works only inside your WordPress website. It's not third party, it gives beautiful display across the bottom, it has a lots of control on how you display it. If you want to go through and customize CSS yourself it's kind of nice box it says put your custom CSS here and you can tweak it anyway you want. So all in all, this could turn into a real fantastic plugin for replacing Shareaholic. I have to give it a top 5 already.”