Cpanel, an easy to use solution

By: Ricardo d Argence

What exactly is Cpanel anyway? It is short for “Control Panel”. It is a interface used by website owners to maintain and keep their websites up-to-date.

Cpanel was created to offer an easy to use solution for website owners to cut out the middle man, or in this case, the webmaster. Most hosting companies provide Cpanel as an default option with their hosting plans.

This is often the deciding factor for most people seeking a new hosting company. If a hosting company does not provide Cpanel web interfaces, then that are not with “the program” so to speak.

Cpanel is a great way to manage your website or websites from one main interface. From the control panel main interface in your hosting account login page, you have access to many account specific modules such as email accounts, visitor stats, subdomains, domain parking, cron jobs, and more.

Most basic user friendly modules are positioned closer to the top of the accounts page. Almost anyone at any stage of Internet and computer usage abilities can use Cpanel. This is the way to programmers of Cpanel wanted it to be.

It was designed to be a user friendly interface so more average website owners could get a feel as to how the websites run and work.

As mentioned above, it is very easy to use. It was design to accommodate most ages and educational groups of computer users. To make it even more easier on the website owners, Cpanel includes a package called Fantastico.

Fantastico makes it easier for website owners to install programs such as WordPress, Moodle, phpBB, mambo, and Joomla with one click. If website owners would try to install these programs alone, it would take hours to install them all.

But with Fantastico it takes little or no time at all. Fantastico allows owners to create blogs, discussion boards, and CMS sites right from the control panel.

The Cpanel also offers databases and database management from the main screen. This is a time saver for those who are not experts in creating databases.

The control panel makes it all the more so easier to accomplish the task of maintaining the website, from an inexperienced standpoint. The benefits outweigh any negative issues with Cpanel.

Besides ease of use, Cpanel offers freedom and gives the website owner a new appreciation and respect for the website as a whole. The Cpanel program is good for users of all levels of experience.

When choosing a hosting provider, make sure the company has Cpanel as a part of its hosting packing and see for yourself how good Cpanel is.

The only con to this great piece of software is that it takes consistent monitoring; however, it is not something that happens that often.

Hacking cPanel is just something that most webmasters need to understand. If you want to avoid it altogether, simply set up your site with “0” sub-domains or the exact amount of sub-domains you need for your needs.

If you have 100 sub-domains with your package, ask the administrator to reduce it to 5 until you need more. In that way, you can benefit from the fantastic feature-rich cPanel interface and won't need to deal with the crap that comes along with it.

There is so much positive advancements in using this interface, that the sub-domain problem shouldn't be a deterrent to using it. It is definitely the best system on the market.

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