Happy WordPress scare month

Custom Post Headers, Podcast Widgets, Custom post Backgrounds, Presentation plugins


WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 140

Happy WordPress scare monthIt's episode 140 and we've got plugins for Custom Post Headers, Podcast Widgets, Custom post Backgrounds, Presentation plugins and a great new plugin for monitoring your site's page speed. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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John’s & Marcus Rant: What to rant about?

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Note: Looking for a few good plugin developers out there who freelance in the area of customizing existing plugins or can write addons to plugins. Requirements must have a couple projects to review, have the ability to set a price and timeline for completion and stick to both.

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Listener Feedback / Audio Clips

Notes about past stuff

Local Business SEO it seems the version I had reviewed was injecting some stuff for the developer

http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/mdp-local-business-seo after being notified by a listener and then having a look I could see it but also at the same time I noticed the developer had done an update to the plugin which removed it and the link above goes to his explanition of what was there and why so I can still confidentatly reccomed this plugin I think.



WordPress News and other interesting WordPress related posts:

CSS Basics of the Genesis Framework an excellent CSS tutorial

WordPress 3.7 Beta 1 available.


**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**

  Featured Podcast Widget 1.0.1

The Lowdown:

This is a nice simple way to place your recent podcast into the sidebar of your website. It is designed to work with bluberry powerpress plugin. It features the most recent show or if you want to showcase a specific episode you can set the post id for that. All in all a great little plugin to get the podcast to show a bit more if that is not the main focus of your site.

Rating 4 Dragons


Swiftype Search 1.1.28

The Lowdown:

Yes it is another search function for WordPress since we all know the built in search for WordPress is well lacking…..Eventually I am sure that will change someone will get it right and then it will be incorporated into the core… At any rate this one won't be since it is a 3rd party search.. You can set up one search engine for one domain for free and unless you get tons of searches it will be more than adequate. But you have several domains you will need a paid account for it. What they do is after you activate the API they crawl your site and build a database and it replaces the native search function for your site so all future searches go through this. You do get some great analytics for all you stats junkies out there, including email reports on what people are searching for. All in all it pretty good except for the third party thing.

Rating 4 Dragons

WordPrezi 0.1

The Lowdown:

This is a pretty nice plugin and comes at a great time for me since I am doing WordPress workshops again and do my presentations on prezi. I did find that since this is new the author made one mistake when uploading the file seems he packed it twice into the zip file so you have to manually download it and upload it. Other than that its pretty nice simply install it and then activate it and the add a short code to your site like this [prezi url=”http://prezi.com/tgit95hm0pb_/wordpress-basics-and-top-11-plugins/” width=”600″ height=”430″ zoom_freely=”N”] adjust your hight and width to fit your theme and it display the presentation very nicely.

Rating 4 Dragons.



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**


Custom Background for Post and Page


Requires: 1.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.6.1

Last Updated: 2013-10-1

Downloads: 24

Are you looking something to make you WordPress website more interesting???? Then we have a right plugin for you. Now you can design your each post or plugin page individually or simple apply a custom design everywhere on a click.

Custom Background Design WordPress is a complete for making website awesome. We bet to you that its best of its kind.

Major features :

  • Just 1 click installation.

  • Global custom design.

  • Design Each post/page individually.

  • Full customization options.

  • Support gif animated images.

  • Easy color chooser tool.

  • Fully integrated in WordPress

Rating: 4 out of 5

Google Pagespeed Insights


Requires: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.6.1

Last Updated: 2013-10-1

Downloads: 142

Google Pagespeed Insights is a tool that empowers you to make decisions that increase the performance of your website. Recommendations from Google Pagespeed are based upon current industry best practices for desktop and mobile web performance.

Through the addition of advanced data visualization, tagging, filtering, and snapshot technology, Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress provides a comprehensive solution for any webmaster looking to increase their site performance, their search engine ranking, and their visitors browsing experience.

Premium Version Info: http://mattkeys.me/products/google-pagespeed-insights/

Rating: 4 out of 5

Custom Header Extended


Requires: 3.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.7

Last Updated: 2013-9-27

Downloads: 498

Your theme must support the core WordPress implementation of the Custom Headers theme feature to get this to function. It is a plugin for allowing users to set a custom header on a per-post basis. This plugin hooks into the WordPress custom-header theme feature and overwrites the values on single post views if the post has been given a custom header.

This plugin creates a custom meta box on the edit post screen. From that point, you can select a custom header image. You can also select whether to display your header text and its color if your theme supports that option. The options you choose will be shown on the single post page on the front end.

Rating: 5 out of 5


**Rambling Last Words and Plugin Wrapup

John: Featured Podcast Widget – 4, Swiftype Search – 4, WordPrezi – 4

Marcus: Custom Background for Post and Page – 4, Google Pagespeed Insights – 4, Custom Header Extended – 5



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