Disabling Users, Heartbleed, Child Theme Creation and Category Twitter Publishing


WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 168

It's episode 168 and we've got plugins for Disabling Users, Heartbleed, Child Theme Creation and Category Twitter Publishing. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!



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CoSchedule the editorial workflow and activity scheduling plugin, has secured $500K in a Series A round of funding. Reviewed as a viable alternative to Edit Flow. CoSchedule will use the money to hire more employees, increase their marketing budget, and increase the speed of development so new features reach users faster.

**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**

Disable Updates Manager


The Lowdown:

Well as we know WordPress is that is does auto updates and is always showing the updates available for your plugins. This plugin will make the disabling of updates simple as well as making it easy to disable teh updates page remove the core version and disable the automatic background updates. This can be very useful if you need to keep someone from doing any updates.

Rating 3 Dragons


Heartbleed Check 1.0.1


The Lowdown;

Well everyone has heard by now about the heartbleed bug. This is a simple way to check your site and see if it passes. Install it and turn on and look for the logo on your front page with a quick pass or fail.

Rating 3 Dragons


Child Theme Wizard 1.0


The lowdown:

Looking for an easy way to get your child theme started something that will auto create your starter functions and css file. It is a quick way to get started on a child theme. It allows you to create a child theme from any theme you already have installed. A great way to start on a child theme if you do not have one.

Rating 4 Dragons



**WordPress Plugins Reviewed by Marcus**

[plugin_name src=”disable-user”]

  • Repository page:[plugin_name src=”disable-user”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page:[plugin_name src=”disable-user”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”disable-user”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”disable-user”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”disable-user”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”disable-user”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”disable-user”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”disable-user”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”disable-user”]

Download [plugin_name src=”disable-user”]

[plugin_name src=”disable-user”] Overview:

Sometimes you just want to disable any user without having to delete the account permanently. This plugin allows you to disable any user from logging in. You can always re-enable them. When a disabled user logs on, the error message on wordpress login page will pop up stating the account is being disabled.

Rating: 4 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”publish-to-twitter”]

  • Repository page:[plugin_name src=”publish-to-twitter”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page:[plugin_name src=”publish-to-twitter”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”publish-to-twitter”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”publish-to-twitter”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”publish-to-twitter”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”publish-to-twitter”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”publish-to-twitter”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”publish-to-twitter”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”publish-to-twitter”]

Download [plugin_name src=”publish-to-twitter”]

[plugin_name src=”publish-to-twitter”] Overview:

This plugin in from the folks over at 10up. It simply gives you the ability to send your posts to Twitter to different Twitter accounts, all based on what category the post is assigned to.

Rating: 5 out of 5

[plugin_name src=”tidio-live-chat”]

  • Repository page:[plugin_name src=”tidio-live-chat”] at WordPress.org
  • Plugin Home page:[plugin_name src=”tidio-live-chat”] Home Page
  • Current version: [plugin_version src=”tidio-live-chat”]
  • Last Updated: [plugin_last_updated src=”tidio-live-chat”]
  • Requires: [plugin_requires src=”tidio-live-chat”]
  • Tested up to: [plugin_tested src=”tidio-live-chat”]
  • Downloads all time: [plugin_dl src=”tidio-live-chat”]
  • Average rating: [plugin_rating src=”tidio-live-chat”]
  • Number of ratings: [plugin_num_ratings src=”tidio-live-chat”]

Download [plugin_name src=”tidio-live-chat”]

[plugin_name src=”tidio-live-chat”] Overview:

We are pleased to present you with Tidio Live Chat – amazingly easy to use live chat, thanks to which it won’t be hard for you to:

• See who visits your website (which browser they use, and what country they are from)

• Talk to the users of your website

• Adjust the chat’s color scheme to your website

• Edit the operator’s info and upload a thumbnail

• Set up automated messages sent to users after a website activity

Rating: 5 out of 5


**Rambling Last Words and Plugin Wrapup

John's Plugins: [plugin_name src=”stops-core-theme-and-plugin-updates”] – 3, [plugin_name src=”heartbleed-bug-floating-tab”] – 3, [plugin_name src=”child-theme-wizard”] – 4

Marcus' Plugins: [plugin_name src=”disable-user”] – 4, [plugin_name src=”publish-to-twitter”] – 3, [plugin_name src=”tidio-live-chat”] – 5



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