Domain Name Extensions

Author: David Patullo

One of the important parts of the domain name is the suffix that can be found at the end of each address. This is called the domain name extension. These extensions exhibits the purpose of the website in which the domain name is used for. Here are some common domain name extensions:

• .com – commercial; mainly used for commercial and business websites
• .net – networks
• .org – organization; this is mainly used for non-profit organizations.
• .edu – education; domain name extension used by educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and schools.
• .gov – government; used for domains made for and used by the government.

There are more domain name extensions that are now made available for internet users who are planning to make their own websites. But most people adapt the dot com suffix even though it was intended for commercial use. This is because there are no extensions that are available for personal domains. The last three common extensions however, have managed to stick to their purpose in identifying the existence of websites.

With the evolution of the online community, the World Wide Web has also adapted other domain name extensions that would further give domain names its unique mark on the online map. Examples of which are the extensions that is dedicated to only one country (.us – United States, .uk – United Kingdom, .ae – United Arab Emirates, .fr – France, etc.), and those dedicated to which network industry they belong to(.tv – television, .fm – FM radio). There are also those suffixes that are made available by providers of free domain names.

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