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Author: Sunil Tanna

Whether you are starting a new business, or starting a new venture or web site for an existing business, it sometimes can be hard to think of, and find, a good available domain name. Many of the most obvious domain names, have been registered many years ago, and so, you will probably need to be a lot more inventive when searching for available domain names.

Before you start your search though, I must give you one important tip – not to get disheartened. Just because the most obvious domain names may already be taken, it does not mean that you can not find a good name for your web site or business. Let us not forget that web sites such as,, and have all been incredibly successful despite not having the most obvious names. Indeed, you could argue that one of the reasons why sites like and have been successful is because they have unique, memorable, and distinctive names, and they are not called something generic and obvious such as “search the internet” or whatever.

So how do you find a good available domain name? My first suggestion would be to try a domain name suggestion tool. There are many free online tools of this sort, you enter a keyword or keywords, perhaps select a theme for your site (such as “fast”, “free” or “cheap”), and the tool will automatically propose a bunch of potential names. Not every name is guaranteed to be great – but give it a go and you will probably find a few good ones. To get the best of these tools, you should also also try them with a range of different keywords, both variants on your stem word (for example, try “clean”, “cleaner”, “cleaners”, as well as “cleaning”, if creating a web site for a cleaning business), and alternative/related keywords which you might find in a thesaurus (for example, to continue with our cleaning business example, you might try keywords such as “fresh” and “sanitary”)

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