Double Your Income With Blogging

By: Raymond Aaron

Do you have a blog? Do you know what a blog is? Do you make money on your blog? Are people reading your blog?

Learn about Making Money With Blogging!!

What is a blog. It is a contraction of the two words “web log”. Say it fast five times and it will sound like “weh blog”. So, Internet types just dropped the first “weh” and it became “blog” – a recent word which has just joined our lexicon. Start a blog by going to the website for WordPress and simply answer a few easy questions and you own a blog. Use your real name as your User ID so that the URL of your own personal blog will be

Choose a theme: anything you are passionate about. Anything. There are blogs on every imaginable area. Just type a paragraph or two and that is your first blogpost.

Initially no one will know of your blog nor what its theme is. Here are some easy and free ways to begin advertising your blog:

1.Email all your friends and advertise your blog to them for free.
2.Then, go onto other people's blog and leave comments and tell them to go to your blog.
3.Also, put lots of relevant “tags” in each blogpost which are key words which Google uses to search. That way, people can find you whom you don't even know.

People will begin finding and following you. Your readership will grow. Your stickiness will grow – that means how long people stay on your blog.

Let me share with you the stats for a blog of a friend, which may well be typical :

-total number of visitors to date: …………………… 2,728
-average number of daily visitors to date: ………. 136
-average number of daily visitors last week: …… 263
-total number of blogposts to date: ……………….. 17
-average length of stay to date: ……………………… 2 min 39 sec
-average length of stay most recent week: ……… 3 min 41 sec
-average length of stay yesterday: …………………. 5 min 45 sec

Notice that:
-the number of visitors is rising
-the average number of daily visitors is rising too
-the average length of time visitors stay is rising

Why is all this happening? Because people are finding out about this blog and liking it and telling friends. That is what will happen to you too.
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