Easy way to embed videos such as Vimeo, YouTube, MySpace Videos etc.

The Plug-in Install AreaAre you looking for an easy to embed video into your WordPress installation? Then this is a great plug in for you. The Video Sidebar Widgets plug-in is an easy to install and use plug in that allows you to easily embed videos into your WordPress install as well as to have up to five random videos showing in your sidebar.

Side Bar Widget with videos in itThis plug is located in the WordPress plug-in library and you can easily locate it by doing a search for “Video Sidebar Widgets” in the install plugins section of your dashboard in WordPress. Once you have located it you simply do an install of it and then setup the configuration of the widget.

This plug-in has two parts first, there is a widget that you will use to place videos in your sidebar. It holds up to five random videos in this widget. When using the side bar widget you will want to know the max width of your side bar so you can set up the widget correctly. This is great plug-in if your WordPress install is about movies or other videos. I have used this plug in on this excellent site for a local video store here in Victoria/Langford BC. You can check it out here at www. Nikovideo.com

Your new button to embed videos in your postsThis plug-in also make it easy to embed videos into your posts with a simple button that is added to your tools area of your posting box (see the picture below). To show how easy this is I have added a video I created on how to install WordPress from a hosting company such as mine that offers Fantastico.  

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This is where you can easly inset your YouTube Video using easly generated short code.
[vsw id=”knYgfIHEsmg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]