Organizational Flowcharting, URL Updates, Save to Dropbox, Mailchimp, RSS Management

Episode 172 plugins for Organizational Flowcharting, URL Updates, Save to Dropbox, Mailchimp, RSS Management

WordPress Plugins from A to Z Episode 172

Organizational Flowcharting, URL Updates, Save to Dropbox, Mailchimp, RSS ManagementIt's episode 172 and we've got plugins for Organizational Flowcharting, URL Updates, Save to Dropbox, Mailchimp, RSS Management and a new plugin that hides other plugins! All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!


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John’s & Marcus Rant: What to rant about?

Update on my saga with my CC issue it seems that I was not the only one affected by it after tweeting out I heard from some folk in GB who were also affected. But I will give some cudos to WooThemes when after complaining to them they were good about dealing with the issue and I will start using them again especially since now they have added PayPal as one of their processors. And just as I was writing this they sent out an official notice of the breech.


Listener Feedback / Audio Clips

Fred Currie has a Question about what other CMS systems exist.

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Plugin count from the top WordPress sites

Is it time to retire the sidebar?

*WordPress Plugins Reviewed by John**

RSS Manager

The Lowdown

Looking for a way to improve the way your RSS feed looks? Well this is just what you need a simple plugin that let you go in and change the layout of how your RSS looks. You can move the layout around change the read more text cat and tag titles move them to better places. Before after text or after the title. Choose a custom thumbnail size and change placement of it. All in all this is a pretty good way of customizing your RSS feed, I found it especially useful to customize the feed layout for presentation in a newsletter.

Rating 5 Dragons



Velvet Blues Update URLs

The lowdown:

Well after years of doing site moves and it being pretty easy it seems lately they have just not gone as planned and fixing the links has become a chore. Well no more this plugin is brilliant and lazy as it gets just install put in old url then new one check the boxes and then go and all updated even the GUIDS.

Rating 5 Dragons..



MailChimp for WordPress

The Lowdown:

Well if you are looking for a simple way to integrate Mailchimp into your website this would be what you are looking for. It is simple and straightforward for use. It allows you to choose  your list and to create a simple form and if you go for the premium you can create some additional forms to use elsewhere. One great thing it does is to integrate into the comments section with a checkbox to make it easy for your visitors to add themselves to your list.

Rating 4 Dragons


*WordPress Plugin Reviews From Marcus Couch**


WP Dropbox Dropins

Download WP Dropbox Dropins

WP Dropbox Dropins Overview:

This is great for people selling digital content, or member sites. It allows you to present the option to save materials or large files to a site viewer’s Dropbox account.

Rating: 5 out of 5


KV Plugin Hider

Download KV Plugin Hider

KV Plugin Hider Overview:

This plugin actually gives you the ability to hide plugins from the view of others. It hides them from the plugin list and admin list only. It still works in the background like normal.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Royal Tree

Download Royal Tree

Royal Tree Overview:

This is an amazing tree creation plugin for creating easy dynamic organizational flowcharts. Like what you see at work where the boss is on top and you’re probably way down about 4 levels or so! Hopefully not, but this is an outstanding plugin to show your boss, and maybe you’ll get moved up the tree a bit faster! Also doubles as an upside-down family tree maker. Each part of the tree with the person’s name can be linked to a page where more info is available. Best organization tree plugin I’ve seen to date.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Plugins Overview:

John’s Plugins: RSS Manager– 5, Velvet Blues Update URLs – 5, MailChimp for WordPress– 4

Marcus’ Plugins: WP Dropbox Dropins – 5, KV Plugin Hider – 5, Royal Tree – 5



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