It's episode 400 and I've got plugins for Instant Site Security, Project Management, WooCommerce Orders, Admin Emails, Top Page Builder, and Elementor for Classic Press. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

Plugins for WebDefender, Zephyr Project Manager, Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders, Multiple Admin Email Addresses, Elementor Page Builder in Episode 400

"Go the extra mile, it's never crowded" in black cursiveIt's Episode 400 and I've got plugins for Instant Site Security, Project Management, WooCommerce Orders, Admin Emails, Top Page Builder, and Elementor for Classic Press . It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

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It's here: Episode 400! I have made it to the big time. A big Thank You to all the listeners out there it's been over 7.5 years now of doing this show.

With that, let's dive right into the meat and potatoes. I have a great set of plugins for you today!


To start off I have a couple plugins that I have yet to use but thought you might want to know they exist. Keep in mind the ratings are based off the descriptions on their site and using their demo if available.

Sent in by Alan Wiat

Freemium 3rd party


Requires:2.8 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:12 August 2016
Last Updated:27 June 2024
(4 star out of 5)

What they say:
The WebDefender was developed by a team of security experts and it incorporates professional security tools for the best all around WordPress website protection and prevention of threats. Includes GDPR compliance module.

  • Smart Protection / Website Hide Function (Prevent Hacker Attack / Security) / Anti-Spam Protection / Brute Force Bot Attack Prevention / Smart Firewall
  • Detection / Antivirus Scanner / Database Malware / Adware, Spyware, Spam Links
  • Diagnostic / Vulnerabilities Detection / Blacklist Monitoring
  • Built-in Malware Removal Tool / Security Cleaning Tool
  • Security Hardening / Hosting Hardening Check / Automatic Updating Function
  • GDPR Tools / GDPR Compliance Function

The WebDefender offers the following tools and protection measures:

  • Primary Protection Function
  • Website Hide function that hides your WP site from crawlers spiders and bots.
  • Security Protection Functions
  • Antivirus Security Scanner
  • Security Hardening
  • Malware Removal Tool
  • Built-in file viewer and editor is an easy to use security cleaning tool for the removal of infected codes or its part depending on the type of infection.
  • GDPR Compliance Features
  • And more…

Rating 3 Dragons


Sent in by Cylan James

Freemium plugin

Zephyr Project Manager

Requires: or higher
Compatible up to:
Released:01 January 1970
Last Updated:01 January 1970
(0 star out of 5)

What they say:
Zephyr Project Manager is a modern, easy to use project manager for WordPress, to help manage all your projects and tasks effectively and get work done. It features a beautifully designed user interface to efficiently keep your projects on tracks. You can create unlimited projects, tasks and categories, start discussions on tasks and projects and upload files/attachments, manage files from the file manager page, view project progress using charts and use the built-in calendar and more.

Basic Version (Free)

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Android App
  • Personal Dashboards
  • Discussions & Attachments
  • Email Notifications
  • File Manager
  • Categories
  • Calendar
  • Progress
  • Teams & Members
  • Customization
  • Fully Translatable and Localized

Professional Edition

  • Customizable Frontend Project Manager page
  • Kanban board style projects
  • Asana Integration
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Task Templates
  • Reporting
  • And more…

Rating 4 Dragons

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The next plugin I have for you is:

Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders

Requires:4.7 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:21 November 2017
Last Updated:28 June 2024
(4.6 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
WooCommerce, while a great e-commerce plugin, has some flaws things that were once in the core have been removed to be placed as premium plugins it seems. It is ever so nice when a developer decided to replace one of those items and then gives it away.

This is one of them, I seem to recall in the past WooCommerce had a setting where you could have an order marked as completed as soon as the payment was verified. I recently had to deal with this and discovered the setting seemed to be missing so I went looking and found this great little plugin that adds that function back.

Simple easy to use and well just works vs the $49 one over at WooCommerce. Many thanks to Liam over at for this contribution.

Rating 5 Dragons

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For the Third Plugin I have:

Multiple Admin Email Addresses

Requires:4.7.0 or higher
Compatible up to:5.2.21
Released:01 June 2017
Last Updated:21 May 2019
(4.2 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
From time to time when you're working on a bigger site you will have a need to have the core admin emails sent to more than one person to deal with things. WordPress does not offer any simple solution for adding more than one admin email in the setting page.

This plugin makes that an easy task for you, it adds a new block on the General settings that allows you to add as many emails as needed using a comma separated list. Simple and just works.

Rating 5 Dragons.

ClassicPress Options

Since the release of Gutenberg, and it fallout ClassicPress has garnered a lot of attention. This is a fork of WordPress and is focused on Business Websites and is looking pretty good.

This weeks ClassicPress plugin is:

Elementor Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder Pro

Requires:6.0 or higher
Compatible up to:6.5.5
Released:30 May 2016
Last Updated:26 June 2024
(4.6 star out of 5)

The Lowdown:
Well I have only recently started using Elemetor and wish I had started sooner with it. This is one great page builder that is making life easy and well since I was plying in my sandbox for ClassicPress I though I would see how well this plugin performed there.

It works just as well in ClassicPress with one exception I am using the Pro version of the plugin and well it will not auto update could be a flaw in ClassicPreess but otherwise all else is great.

Rating 4 – 5 Dragons

Side note I noticed that when you are doing a search using the repository it show you right away if the plugins are compatible with your version of Classic Press. You can also search with the tag “ClassicPress” to find plugins made to work in ClassicPress

Closing Out This Episode the Plugins I Covered Were:

John’s Plugins: WebDefender – 3, Zephyr Project Manager – 4, Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders – 5, Multiple Admin Email Addresses – 5, Elementor Page Builder 4 – 5

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