The innkeeper

Episode 8 Crusaders for NuTemple

The innkeeperWelcome to Episode 8 for the Crusaders for NuTemple

This episode is a bit on the shorterside we will make up for ti next time I am sure. Here are the notes on what we covered in this episode.

Guild tax mods … available though curse client Guild Tax and Piggy Bank seems to be easy to use and thourgh.

Tabloid News and articles:

How to Use Bank Alts in World of Warcraft
World Of Warcraft China back on?
China to Make Up its Mind on World of Warcraft Soon
Internet witches and warlocks help nab US drug dealer like WTF here there are no witches in WoW at least none I know of.
Wife forces man to choose between her and an Orc
World of Warcraft may finally get go-ahead in China
NetEase Expected To Resolve WoW Regulatory Troubles In China Soon
US woman jailed for seducing 16-year-old

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Coming in future podcasts will be Nigiri with his new Q&A segment. The first segement should hopefully be in the next podcast and will be on the following.
The first question will be about the Dungeon Finder: “When I hit level 80, will I be able to queue up for all instances as long as I have any attunements necessary? from- Gong of Earthen Ring”

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