Extensions In Joomla For Social Networking

By: Ron McNeil

Joomla is one of the most widely used content management system in the world. It is a very powerful tool which is designed specifically to develop very creative and unique websites in quick time and with minimum effort. Because it is very easy to make a website using Joomla, many people are turning towards using it. Joomla assists the web developers to build websites that have powerful applications and features.

Many users of Joomla have acknowledged the usefulness of this powerful tool as it is very efficient and is a great tool to build a social networking website. Joomla provides you with a lot of extensions for developing social networking websites called Joomla social networking extension. You can easily find these Joomla social networking extensions to enhance your social networking site. These Joomla social networking extensions are used to operate several online applications.

These Joomla social networking extensions are created by number of users that use Joomla or people who have created Joomla. Joomla is an open source project and a lot of “IT” experts and web developers are a fraction of this project so that this project can grow and get better. They make these Joomla social networking extensions and then put them on the internet for others to use.

You will find that these Joomla social networking extensions are free of cost and you can easily find and download them but some Joomla social networking extensions are not free of cost. One of the well known extensions that are used to develop multifaceted online applications is the community builder suit. It's very easy to handle and to use. You will find many features in community builder software that will assist you in developing great websites and great applications.

There are lots of Joomla social networking extensions that are created for the single reason of making it easier and faster for the Joomla users to develop networking websites. These extensions will make sure that the Joomla system that you are using works to it's best efficiency and is able to produce more then normal. The extensions labor as the main gear of the Joomla system that you are using and then help the system to work in great condition.

Is has become a lot easier to develop the applications and functions that used to be very difficult before the extensions were created. You must have heard about the concept of blogging. You can easily perform this online function using the extensions that are provided with Joomla. You can easily make a blog now and also you can easily make develop social networking sites using Joomla social networking extensions. You can find a lot of similar applications that will help you make the usage of the internet very easy.

In the beginning on 2005 when the extensions in Joomla were first launched, not many people were aware of the usages and importance of these extensions. After time passed people started to see and realize that these extensions really made the work very easy for a developer and it reduced the time period of making a website significantly. This increase in awareness then prompted the developers to offer more plug-ins for the system.

Joomla is currently Serving 4546 extensions to the community and the categories of these extensions are as follows.

Categories are:

  1. Access & Security
  2. Administration
  3. Ads & Affiliates
  4. Authoring
  5. Bridges
  6. Calendars & Events
  7. Clients
  8. Communication
  9. Communities & Groupware
    o Communities
    o Genealogy
    o Members lists
    o Membership
    o Personal Life

These are a lot of extensions for any person to use and the best part about these extensions is that you will find a new functionality in each of these extensions and no two extensions are the same.

If you have joined some forums which talk about Joomla and it's extensions then you will see that they really talk a lot about the extensions that Joomla provides you with and you will explore a lot of new and different things while talking to those people as they will give you ideas and functionalities that are far ahead from your imagination and you can easily find many Joomla social networking extensions from these forums that will help you develop your social networking website.

It is very easy to use a Joomla system and when you get started with it, you will not want to use any other software to develop website because it is very fast and easy to use. Extensions are an additional feature to the existing website that can be installed on from the admin panel.

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