First Position At Google By Make Money Blog

By: Juhani Tontti

With make money blogs you can get targeted traffic, even thousands of visitors, to your web site. Content rich blog is the key to succes.

Make money blog is like a web page, but much easier to use. You have to do a proper keyword research before you start to write a post. Write your post using your main keyword, so that it represents from 1 to 4 % of the total number of words.

WordPress allows you to add a list of keywords on a separate keyword list in order to direct the post to right searchers. I normally use quite a long list. By the way, if do not yet have a make money blog, surf to WordPress and get one. It is free.

You can choose one good keyword from your keyword list as your domain name. At WordPress, domain name do not have to be registered.

WorPress has strict rules, you better read them first. At WordPress it is possible to customize your blog design, which will make it like a quality website. They also has a hit counter installed for every blog plus many other fine features.

Maney making blogs can be your only way to market your internet business or you can use it as an additional tool. If you have time, I have a link in my author box, wherefrom you can get valuable tips for effetive blogging.

As you know search engines love fresh content and keywords, which means that you have good chances to rank well in search engine results, when you do the keyword research well.

But naturally your readers is the target group, not search engines. As we know, people do not buy anything right away, so make money blog offers you the chance to do a good first impression and build trust over a long time.

Your make money blog is your personal voice in the internet. When you have posted your first post, send an email to your optin email list members telling about your blog.

What is really important, is pinging every time you have posted a new post. That means that a message will be sent to directories, that something new has been posted into your make money blog. You can ping for free at Pingomatic.

What about if you do not have the time to write? Do not worry, then you can buy the articles for your make money blog from NicheArticleClub. Remember to add your link into the author box in the end.

If you want to market effectively with make money blog, I strongly recommend some reading. In my author box I give you a link to one site, which has been valuable for me.

You have to keep in mind that blogs with good keywords can bring hundreds of visitors, who appreciate quality content.

Author Resource:-> Juhani Tontti here. This is the promised Link About Make Money Blog Tips . Hope you like it.

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