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Author: David Patullo

Although there are thousands of choices for domain names, not all domain names are made available for free, especially if they use the common domain name extensions such as .com, .net, or .org. But there are also web host providers or accredited registrars that offer free cost domain names.

These free cost domain names are offered by various websites online. Web users who usually acquire these kinds of domain names have web sites that they use mainly for personal reasons, or for a small-scale business. But it is very rare, and not recommended for large-scale businesses to avail of such services since customers can be doubtful if the company is unable to pay for their own domain name, thus affecting their market share and branding.

Despite the fact that these free cost domain names are made available without the owner shelling out a single cent, they can be quite reliable in giving your site a shorter URL, and perhaps, a better traffic due to their sponsors. The service providers rely on these sponsors to finance the web hosting, and it works the same way as you do. This becomes the downside of free cost domain names – even though you are the owner, you have no control over the pop up ads that the provider may launch along with your website.

The providers may also require the name of their company to appear on your domain name (e.g. – myshirt is the name of company you want, and is the domain name provider). But, this is tolerable, instead of paying money to a service that sometimes isn’t even worth it. There are better free cost domain name providers on the net that has good service. Just have patience in looking through several providers and one of them could work for your web
site needs.

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