Free Domain Name and Free Hosting

Author: Elijah James

In order for an individual or business to be visible on the net, they must have two things: (a) a domain name, which will serve as their address on the web, and (b), a web host provider where everything that needs to be displayed in that domain name will be coming from.

There are online users who can opt for either a free domain name, or just free web hosting. But for most people, especially beginners and those who have money matters opt for free domain name and free hosting. This is because they are complimentary and reliable in getting yourself visible on the web. It is also recommended for those who would like to setup their own personal or small-scale business website.

Free domain name and free hosting can be quite appealing to the public, and people would usually acquire this service because of the word “free” and the service’s reliability. But it also has its setbacks. Providers are often abused by those who acquire the service despite the conditions that were set. It also prevents your site from securing trust, especially if it’s for a large scale business, for customers will become very reluctant if a business cannot pay for its own web site and provider, and gives the business a sense of mediocrity or an amateur image. For personal and small-scale use however, it is very much tolerable.

This strategy is also advantageous to both the website owner and the service provider as it provides traffic and reputation to the two parties. When you acquire this kind of service, the host would usually require you to include the web host name into your domain name.

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