Free Website Traffic Secrets of the Gurus

By: Tyler James Ellison

It seems to be the first question every newbie online asks in the popular marketing forums. How do I get more traffic for free? There are many answers and many experts on this subject who will share a few tidbits of their genius every once in a while, yet many still struggle with traffic.

Here's a short guide to help every marketer in the world boost their traffic without paying a nickel for it. Let's start with the basics.

First, get a blog on either Blogger or WordPress. Blogger has the advantage of being owned by Google so your blog can quickly appear in the search results and it's easy to add Adsense to monetize your blog. When you choose the content for your blog, make sure the keywords that attract visitors to your site appear in the title, description, and posts on your blog. Add links to whatever site or sites you are promoting. Then visit other blogs with those keywords and leave comments of value, including a link to your blog as well.

A second free traffic generating method is searching for directories that accept free submissions to get listed. These are great because the listings are all related to the same niche so people will see your site listed among other prominent sites within the same market. This is also a great way of acquiring more one-way back links to your site which can help boost your search engine rankings and at the same time improve the quality of the directory and the experience of its visitors. That's what we call a win-win-win situation!

A third method of generating free traffic is using a banner exchange. It's best if you have an attractive banner to the site you're promoting so that when it appears on other people's sites, you will attract visitors away from them and directly to you. The drawback is that you in turn, need to display banner ads as well. I recommend using banner exchanges, but not the traditional way. Using a combination of them, you can exponentially increase your free advertising credits in a short period of time.

Fourth and final method for today is make use of the “about me” page on eBay, no matter what you're selling. Posting links on your about me page is a great way to attract visitors since eBay is one of the top ten most trafficked sites every day. Make use of eBay's hard work as leverage to get some of those visitors to come to your site as well.

This is hardly a comprehensive list of free traffic generating methods, but these can be powerful and should not be overlooked when planning a site promotion strategy. Think of ways to use other highly visited sites to attract folks to yours, qualify your prospects before you sell to them, and give them exactly what they buy. They'll only complain if you don't, and I know that when I don't receive what I buy I get irate. So sell what you have and give 'em what they buy. Use the free traffic to generate new customers and hopefully future referrals.

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