Do you have a web site on

Well it is happening later this year although they do not seem to have set a date yet. It looks like Yahoo is closing down their free service finally and only going to be offering a paid web hosting business. If you are among the thousands of people/Small business who created their web site there you will need to collect you information and either move it to Yahoo’s paid service or someone else’s.

We of course are recommending our service to move to for your web hosting needs and for every former user of who moves to us we will provide a free .com domain name when you sign up for a one year contract for a medium business hosting account simply use the code “geocities” when signing up and tell us where your geocities site is hosted. There are still millions of variations of domains available and there is bound to be shorter and easier to use than what you have at GeoCities.
We can also support you with a website design for your new site and we can get you all setup and running in short order. We offer affordable site design from $199.00cad this will set you up with a great template in a program that you will still be able to add and change your content as you want while not having to worry about the design. Contact us now for more information on how we can help.