Glitches in the system

Well I have been working on this new venture for a couple of days now and have discovered some glitches in the system. The first glitch is with the custom post types, I was attempting to import my posts from another blog into the custom post type and then have it display much like the posts page. Seems there is some limitations in getting custom post type to do this. So until I work out all the bugs I have reset all my posts back to standard and will keep them there for now. Once I get this all solved I will be sure and let you know about it.

On the plus side I do believe that my first pod-cast will be coming out soon. I have a series of pod-casts that I have been mapping out. The series will be covering WordPress plug-ins from A to Z and back again. With over 7k plug-ins available for WordPress I figure to go though the alphabet a few times. I have done A, B & C so far, if you have any suggestions for the other letters please leave a comment below. I will be taking what ever time is necessary to cover the plug in so the podcast may last anywhere from a short 5 min to a lengthy 1hr. I will always keep them under an hour to make life easier. You will be able to get the podcast here and from iTunes please keep an eye out for it. “WordPress Plugins from A to Z” by John Overall.