Guide to web design

By: Chiranjit Roy

There are some prerequisites for a good web design. You need a good graphic design and easy and intuitive site navigation. Besides, you have to provide a logical site layout and good web copy. Here are some web design guidelines.

Web content

Your website must provide informative content. The content should be in layman's language with proper grammar and punctuation. Keep in mind that people use the internet to find information so no matter whether you are selling your own product or recommending someone else’s products, you must provide accurate and valuable information to the visitor or he will simply move on to another site.

Browser Compatibility

Keep in mind the fact that people use different types of browsers and so your web site should be designed such that it is compatible with all of them. This means that you should not use too many special effects because they may not be supported in most browsers. Remember the user may be browsing your site using a PC, a MAC, a Linux box, a PDA or a cell phone and they all use different browsers.

A good web design means that your web pages are easily accessible in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Safari at a minimum.

Graphics and Photos

Studies have shown that web users get impatient if the site takes more than 10 seconds to load. Keeping this fact in mind, always optimize your photos and other graphic files to have as small a size as possible without sacrificing picture quality. Use the ALT HTML tag so people with graphics turned off and those using hand held devices know what the picture is supposed to be.

Background Colors

While designing your website, if you are using any color other than white for behind text, be sure to specify link colors.


Multimedia is composed of flash movies, video clips, audio clips and background music. If you have to use multimedia then always use streaming media because it reduces download time. Also, put any important information presented in multimedia in text as well. This is because if the user has a slow connection or if he doesn’t have the right plug-in, he may not be able to view the information in the multimedia file.

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