Happy New Year from WP Plugins A to Z

Welcome to Episode New Year Plans and such – This is Episode 1 for 2023! Welcome to the first show of the year! Hopefully everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year's!
We aren't actually here live in person, but we wanted to drop a message and make sure you know we have not forgotten you!
Did you know that 2023 = 7? 7 is kind of a cool one in numerology: The Number 7 meaning in numerology has a mystical consideration since it is related to the lunar cycle, 4 cycles of 7 days, with the 7 notes, the 7 colors, the 7 days of the week, the 7 plagues, the 7 virtues or deadly sins. It is a number with a great capacity for analysis, since the mind judges matter, looking for explanations, and searching for the deep root that lies behind appearances. It is the mind on earth, that is, agriculture, the application of the study and observation of the cycles of the crops for one’s survival, as a principle of stability, security, and satisfaction of the first needs that allowed human development until the present society.
This next year should be very interesting!
We also wanted to go over a few things that will be a bit different for the shows going forwards.
First, the Contests. We have been doing contests for a long time now where they run for 2 weeks – but honestly, that doesn't feel like it's long enough – on the other hand only bringing forward a single contest every month feels like too long; So, we have settled on 3 weeks. Feels like an in-between where its just long enough, but not so long you get bored.
As everyone has probably noticed, there is a new layout that I will probably be tweaking here and there – the tweaking of notes is really never ending as anyone who does a show can attest to.
Due to our lives being turned so upside down these past couple of years, we have had a couple of issues getting our show out every single week – though this year we already have our feet under us and are able to get going right at the beginning of the New Year! Not a bad start!
I would love to hear some feedback on the show from our listeners, let us know what you think about the new layout, let us know what you would like to hear in our show or hear from us over the next year.
What we have now is pretty cool, I think, though we can always make it better for you by hearing what you have to say and adding it in! Or removing whatever it is – we can change up, remove, or add, to an extent, to make the show more enjoyable for you!