Head Hunting a Way of Making Spare Change

[singlepic id=53 w=320 h=240 float=left]Having slated her thirst at the local pub in Silvermoon city Tefnuit heads over to the leader of the local Rogues for from much needed upgrading in skills and to find some more adventure. Having realized that there were still some undiscovered areas in Silvermoon Tefnuit set out to make sure she knew all of the land.

Just as she had feared in the Silvermoon there where tasks yet undone and money yet to be collected of these tasks the retrieval of The Ring of MMMRRRGGGLLL was important to accomplish. It would not only return a treasured to the friend of a fallen one but inflict retribution upon the Grimscale Murlocs by destroying their chieftain who wanders the Golden Shore.

Having completed this task Tefnuit was then directed by Valendris Whitemorn to retrieve the head of the ringleader of the Wretched Aldaron who has led them to their doom heading off to the west and the top floor of the tower Tefnuit set out to bring back the head of Aldaron. {joomplu:23}

Encountering much resistance along the way Tefnuit decided that stealth what her best skill this time about. Using her stealth to evade most of the guards she arrived at the top floor to find Aldaron in the company of two guards. After sapping them one at a time and reliving them of any valuables in their pockets Tefnuit proceeded to take out Aldaron.

Staring with a backstab to bring him down a bit she began a fierce battle that would soon be joined by Aldarons guards the battle lasted for several minutes with Tefnut eventually gaining the upper hand and dealing the final blows to Aldaron and his scourge of Wretched. Removing his head she returned to Valendris for her reward.

With her bags full and her pockets rattling it was time to visit the pub again.

Game time 2hrs——————- Look for movies on Tefnuits adventures soon.